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Compound Security Systems Ltd. Present…

Compound Security Systems Ltd. Present…

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Compound Security Systems Ltd. Present…

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  1. Compound Security Systems Ltd. Present…

  2. What was Mosquito? The Mosquito is a completely benign non-physical deterrent system that has been specifically designed to annoy teenagers. The system works by generating a modulated tone between 17 – 18 KHz which is on the upper limit of hearing for late teens and early 20’s. The original Mosquito had a fixed volume of 85 dB at 1 meter. This is equivalent to holding a telephone receiver against ones ear. The Mosquito has an effective range of 15 meters. The sound does not penetrate solid objects like windows, walls etc. Younger children and animals are not bothered by the sound.

  3. What is Mosquito Now? Through extensive field testing and listening to feedback and suggestions from police officers and councils, CSS have now launched the Mosquito MK II. The MK II does not run at 85 dB, instead it runs at a volume of 5 dB above the local ambient noise levels. According to all scientific comparisons, 5dB is the volume of a WHISPER!!! The Mosquito has a minimum volume of 75 dB and a maximum volume of 99 dB. There is a built-in cut-off system designed to automatically turn the unit off after 20 minutes. The unit comes in a custom designed anti-vandal housing

  4. What Mosquito is not ! • Mosquito is NOT a weapon. • Mosquito is NOT painful. • Mosquito will not make people run away from an area. • Mosquito will NOT cause hearing damage. • Mosquito does NOT breach Human Rights. • Mosquito does NOT breach H&S guidelines. • Mosquito does NOT violate Environmental legislation. • Mosquito is just ANNOYING to those who can hear it.

  5. Your Reassurance of Safety • In the period January – August 2006 CSS commissioned independent experts to investigate the Mosquito in relation to various aspects of its use…. • Hewittsons. Via this firm of top English solicitors, a Human Rights specialist delivered the verdict that the use of Mosquito does not contravene the Human Rights Act. • AERC. One of the UK’s top independent environmental consultancies delivered their report stating that the use of Mosquito does not break any Environmental legislation. • The ISVR (Institute of Sound & Vibration Research), part of Southampton University produced a report stating that there is no risk of long term hearing damage from Mosquito. • All of these reports are available to download from our website.

  6. How loud is loud ? • How loud do you think these are? • Normal conversation at 3 – 5 feet • 60 – 70 dB • City traffic inside a car? • 85 dB • Playing a violin? • 82 – 92 dB • Playing the flute? • 92 – 103 dB

  7. And these ? • Babies squeezy toy • 90 dB • Walkman on 5/10 setting • 94 dB • Remember that the dB level for Mosquito is measured at 1 meter. For every meter one moves away from it, the volume reduces by 6 dB or 50%. • If the Mosquito is mounted 3 meters or higher as we recommend, then it is unlikely that anyone will be closer than 2 meters.

  8. Why use Mosquito ? • Reduce the occurrence of vandalism. Current feed-back indicate 84 % - 100% decreases. • Reduce the occurrence of anti-social behaviour. • Reduce the costs of vandalism and anti-social behaviour. • Improve quality of life for those affected by anti-social behaviour.

  9. Further Information • The reports and feedback mentioned in this presentation can be sent to you via email at your request. • Much of this is from police. • There is also a DVD available. This contains a selection of the news and TV programmes that have featured the Mosquito AND police interviews • Thank you very much for your time and attention. • This concludes the presentation.