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ESA Penetration

ESA Penetration. Low Income Oversight Board Meeting Rialto, CA September 20, 2018. Energy Savings Assistance Program. SDG&E’s Household Treatment Goals 2018-2020. 2. Energy Savings Assistance Program. SCE’s Household Treatment Goal 2018-2020. 3. Energy Savings Assistance Program.

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ESA Penetration

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  1. ESA Penetration Low Income Oversight Board Meeting Rialto, CA September 20, 2018

  2. Energy Savings Assistance Program SDG&E’s Household Treatment Goals 2018-2020 2

  3. Energy Savings Assistance Program SCE’s Household Treatment Goal 2018-2020 3

  4. Energy Savings Assistance Program PG&E’s Household Treatment Goals 2018-2020 4

  5. Energy Savings Assistance Program PG&E’s ESA Household Eligibility PG&E Remaining Eligible 2020 Population as of 2018 * 5

  6. ESA Program Budget • Authorized funding per year in D.16-11-022 and in Resolution G-3532 approved in December 18, 2017: • The disposition letter issued in May 18, 2018, provides incremental funding of $152,045,710, allocated from 2009-2016 unspent funds, to: • Implement program operating adjustments designed to drive the focus on 2020 goal/first-time customers as part of the Clear Plan; • Implement a smart thermostat pilot; and • Conduct marketing and outreach associated with the Clear Plan.

  7. ESA Program Goals

  8. ESA Program Clear Plan • Through a third party source, SoCalGas has identified 800,000 likely eligible customers that have not previously participated in the ESA Program. • SoCalGas will systematically contact each member of the identified set of 800,000 through multiple channels until an enrollment or refusal is recorded.  Successive contacts would be attempted through the following channels:   • E-mail, Phone/AVM, Printed materials, In-person visit, Door hangers • Some of the programmatic adjustments that have been or will be implemented include: • Enabling contractors to deliver measures at the time of enrollment • Implementation of a smart thermostat pilot • Provide for commensurate compensation to contractors focusing on enrolling first-time customers because of the higher level of difficulty compared to “go backs”

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