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The Founder Story PowerPoint Presentation
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The Founder Story

The Founder Story

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The Founder Story

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  1. d a n o e c - L R k s i H f m a Lessons learnt in the last 2 entrepreneur years of my life of launching four start-up businesses in four countries

  2. Startup Stories Are

  3. t A M b u e o Shivam Dhawan Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Innovator Business Analyst Strategist 2007 - 2012 2012 - 2015 2015 - 2017

  4. t A M b u e o Shivam Dhawan FOUNDER CEO of GETBOARDED and VIDEOWIKI Eq Education Eq Opportunities Sustainability LifeLong Lifelong Lifelong

  5. e S r y e S u M t y s o cc s Planning? Lesson on Managing Uncertainties Funding? Lesson on raising funds Operations and Finances? Having money is different that managing money. Launching a start-up? Realities of product acceptance Team building? Finding, Developing and Retaining

  6. Planning How did I prepare for the future?

  7. P n l a Success Portugal Iran Kuwait India Planning the Journey

  8. t i R l e y a The “Plan” is not working and all I have is this suitcase

  9. o L e s n s only and plan “You can go as far as you dream, think, imagine.”

  10. Funding How did I prepare for the funds?

  11. n i F g d u n Here, take my money and go! Really?

  12. o L e s n s $$ Get comfortable asking for money, reasonably, personally and professionally.

  13. Operations & Finances How did I manage the finances?

  14. n S d i g p n e Was that the bone or my phone? Crack

  15. My Decisions

  16. o L e s n s Ri$k Getting out of the bad bet

  17. Launching • How did I find a market?

  18. C n t m o u O i g The time looks just right for me to come out

  19. F t i With the snap of my finger, half of the waking world will get to know my accomplishments

  20. o L e s n s Keep launching…

  21. Team Finding people

  22. n t M i h g a c

  23. n i t g a D

  24. o L e s n s

  25. Moved jobs Joined a start-up part-time, Got investor, moved to Spain Launched first Start-up 2013 2016 Launched getBoarded Launching VideoWiki A lot of stuff 2012 2015 2019 came to Portugal Left Job in NY Product failed Took a job in Delhi

  26. h u a n k Y T O