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Founder Details:

Founder Details:

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Founder Details:

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  1. Founder Details: Name- Piyush Bhanu Founder- AgriKat Technologies. MSc. Biotechnology (2018-2019),  University of Salford, Greater Manchester, U.K.  Project Title: Analysing the effect of Chloroquine and fendiline on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia cells. • B. Tech Biotechnology (2013-2017),  • Satyabhama University, Chennai, India  • Project Titles: • Chemical ecology of crustaceans (To study the brain activity in response of sex pheromones in crustaceans) • Study of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungus as biofertilizer. 

  2. Pain Point in current agricultural system: • Excessive use of fertilisers, pesticides, chemicals and growth hormones by farmers. • Decrease in the nutrient level of farm grown plants during transportation. • Huge gap in the market between chemically grown food and organic food. • Lack of awareness among consumer regarding the quality of food.

  3. Value Proposition: • To provide consumers with the high quality fresh food for themselves and their family. • To enable consumers to grow their own microgreens. • To bridge the gap between organic food and chemically grown food for the consumer. • To empower consumer with the wisdom to choose the best food for themselves.

  4. Our Solution: • Currently we are growing our own microgreens and selling it to a small market segment. • We are working on the concept of a small microgreen farm that can be used by consumers to grow their own food. • We will be designing a stand alone indoor farm using aeroponics technology, IOT and AI and transform it into a farm cafe concept which can later be commercialised.

  5. My ability to build this venture: • Being a student of science from a young age, I have always believed that science can serve humanity in the best way possible. Yet, I knew this for a fact that one man can only do so little but a team can do greater things. • I had started my food stall while in 2nd year of my bachelor's and ran two other companies parallel in baggage and clothing industry just to learn the practicality of business. • As I finished my master’s, now I want to apply my knowledge of science and biotechnology that I gained in the past 6 years to transform the agricultural industry.

  6. Help from NSRCEL: • Management skills to build the right team. • Mentorship in running a science based startup business. • Ways to approach the target customers. • Ecosystem and incubation to work at and with other startups at IIM-B.

  7. Our Progress: • We have build our own small scale microgreen farm and we are selling to our niche consumers. • We have also started partnering with other businesses in the health and lifestyle sector, to cross promote our product. • We are working on the concept of a small scale microgreen farm for our consumers.