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Founder of This Mission PowerPoint Presentation
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Founder of This Mission

Founder of This Mission

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Founder of This Mission

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  1. Founder of This Mission Dr. pawanmalhan “If god is with me, then who can be against me.”

  2. eBIZ – The Mission • To Make Masses of the World Computer Literate • To help Lakhs of ASSOCIATES to achieve FINANCIAL • FREEDOM through our Programme of learning and • earning at the Same Time.

  3. Thoughts & Sequences If you are not into the Web By 2002 You are out of the Business Bill Gates Winners Don’t Do Different Things They Do Things Differently. Shiv Khera

  4. The E-World Scenario Facts and Figures • 4,50,000 People Join Internet Everyday • Internet Usage Now Doubles Every Month • Over 82 Crore (820 million) people will join Internet • in next 5 Years • 4 Websites are launched Every Second • In 1980,there were only 50,000 Computers • Worldwide..Today, over 50,000 Computers are being • Sold Each Day, Globally.

  5. Facts and Figures • According to a Survey Only in India around 11567 Computers and 765 laptops and palmtops are sold each day. • 85% people having Computers are not able to use it to the Optimal Level

  6. E-education is estimated to be a 350 billion $ Industry • E-Business is the most dramatic change over to hit the retail market • Yet, Only 10% businesses Have Websites • WHY ??? • Too Expensive • Too Complicated

  7. EbiZ Combines the 4 fastest Growing Trends • Internet • Website • E-education • E-commerce

  8. India’s Computer Literacy Rate is just 9.15%

  9. Why Many People Can’t Learn Computers ???

  10. age Awareness time finance language F A T A L

  11. Products Ebiz Offers the Following Self Learning Education Packages • Basic Ebiz Educational Package • Ebiz Educational Package • Advance Ebiz Educational Package

  12. Free Ebiz Educational Package Consist of : 1. Compulsory Computer Courses • Introduction to Internet Surfing • Windows 98 • Windows ME/XP • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft PowerPoint • Hardware 2. Online Testing and Evaluation

  13. Cost For a Year No cost 0

  14. Ebiz Educational Package Consist of : 1. Compulsory Computer Courses Cost for a year Price in Rupees Rs, 2000 10% Service tax 3% Cess charge on service tax to Govt. of India Total Rs. 2,206/- Price in US dollars US $35 US $5 Handling charges as applicable Total US $40 • Introduction to Internet Surfing • Windows 98 • Windows ME/XP • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft PowerPoint • Hardware • Visual Basic • C Language • Microsoft Access • C++ An Object Oriented Language • SQL A Database Language • Fortran A Computational Programming Language 2. Online Testing and Evaluation Offline Educational Courses and Software on CD (Only for Indian Paid Students)

  15. Advance Ebiz Educational Package Consist of: Compulsory computer courses: 65 computer courses

  16. Operating System • Inside Operating System • Windows 98 • Windows XP • DOS • Inside BIOS • Windows VISTA • LINUX

  17. Programming Languages • Visual Basic • C • C++ • Fortran • Core Java • JDBC • Advance C • Data structure through C • C# • ASP.NET 2.0 • ADO.NET • AutoCAD

  18. Designing Database • Flash • PageMaker • Coral Draw • Illustrator • Microsoft publisher • Macromedia Flash 8 • Adobe InDesign • Microsoft Access • PL SQL • My SQL

  19. Scripting Languages • HTML • Java Script • Java Server Page • HTML DOM • DHTML • CSS • XML • XHTML • DTD • RSS • XSL • XML Schema • WAP WML • PHP • VBScript • AJAX • JQuery • Working With PHP

  20. Miscellaneous • MS Word • Internet • MS Excel • MS PowerPoint • MS Front Page • Computer Hardware • Tally 5.4 • Tally 8.1 • Computer Fundamental • Networking • TCP/IP • MS Paint • UML • Computer System Architecture • Software Testing • Word 2007 • Excel 2007 • PowerPoint 2007

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  23. Family Tips & PC Tips How to Download Files How to File For Copy Right Teach your child about internet safety How to Reject Cookies Online Computer Technical Support How to send E-mail Attachment Setting Up E-mail Filters Change Your Internet Service Provider How to Find my IP Address Home Budget Tips Parenting Tips Run Commands MS Word Shortcuts Online Shopping Tips Safe Internet Surfing Tips PC Security Tips Inside PC HardDisk Laptop Buying Tips Computer Buying Tips Disk Defragmenter Compressing (ZIPing) a File Google Search How to Burn CD? Inside Floppy Disk Inside Computer Monitor Inside Spyware Inside USB IP Address Mozilla Firefox Random Number Close multiple programs by one Click Disk Cleanup on Linux DVD FAQ Hibernate Change IE Title Bar Text Open multiple programs at once Hide Recycle Bin Windows XP Remote Assistance Remote Desktop Protocol Remove Welcome Screen Shutdown option Archiving Multiple Files Website Short Cut Windows XP Automatic Logon Reinstall Windows XP Without the CD Installing New Printer Internet FAQ Digital Right Management How to Install Computer Speakers How to Register a Domain Name • File-Recovery • Windows Safe Mode • Spam Mail • How Screen Savers Are Activated? • True Type Font • Virtual Memory • PC Performance Tips • Windows 98 Quick Launch • PC Errors & Solutions • XP Tricks&Tips • Customize Windows XP Start Button • Stop Unwanted E-mail/Spam • How to load Application from PC • to Mobile

  24. Company Logo

  25. Company Logo

  26. Advance Ebiz Educational Package (For a Year) Price in Rupees Rs. 7,000 Rs. 1500 annual maintenance charge 10% service tax 3% Cess Charge on Service Tax to Govt. of India Total Rs. 9,376

  27. Payment DD to be Made in Favour of: Payable at : Mail To : “ Pvt. Ltd. ” New Delhi. M/s eBIZ HOUSE. B-18, Sector- 63, NOIDA – 201301 U.P INDIA

  28. Sample of Demand Draft Demand Draft number is to be noted…

  29. Business Plan (Free & Optional) Role Of Money: • Money is not Everything but you need But you need Money for Everything. • Money is needed from childhood to old age to fulfill various dreams and ambitions • The Dreams and ambitions a person has: • BIG house and Luxury Car. • Higher Education for children and Self Development. • Time and Resources for Recreation. • Social and Spiritual needs.

  30. The Dreams and ambitions a person has: Big House

  31. Luxury Car

  32. Higher Education for Children