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  1. David Shulick

  2. Significant Corporate Law Experience David Shulick has considerable in-house counsel and corporate law experience. A client-focused attorney, Shulick has achieved considerable success in the fields of human resource management, zoning and construction, contract drafting, development, mergers and acquisitions, real estate procurement, corporate governance and regulatory affairs and many more. David Shulick provides every client with passionate representation, counsel and defense.

  3. Civil Litigation David Shulick has accumulated significant experience in both jury and non-jury civil litigation throughout his extensive legal career. His experience in civil litigation includes, but certainly isn’t limited to construction litigation, personal injury litigation, accounting and medical malpractice litigation, class action litigation, complex commercial litigation and real estate-related litigation. David Shulick continues to thrive in challenging, collaborative and intellectually stimulating positions.

  4. Supporting the Alzheimer’s Association David Shulick has provided numerous clients with passionate, high-quality advocacy throughout his professional career. A devoted member of the Philadelphia community, Shulick is also noted for his ongoing support of numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association – as his beloved Grandmother died from the disease after suffering over 15 years. David Shulick has been a generous supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association for over 20 years, and continues to make donations to the organization at every available opportunity.

  5. Performing Beyond Expectations David Shulick has always striven to outperform both his own and his employer’s expectations. Since graduating from the Temple University School of Law with High Honors in 1994, Shulick has continually set the bar high in terms of client service and organizational performance. David Shulick has consistently exceeded expectations through passionate client advocacy, an unrelenting work ethic and a commitment to the pursuit of justice.