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Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder PowerPoint Presentation
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Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder

Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder

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Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder

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  1. Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder A hydraulic cylinder is a device used in situations where substantial force is needed to move a load. For example, it could be against gravity, where a heavy load needs to be moved upwards. Cylinders can be used in a wide range of tasks including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace and construction. Different Types of Hydraulic Cylinder •Locking Collar Cylinders •Center Hole Cylinders •High Tonnage Cylinders •Low Profile Cylinders •Pulling Cylinders Locking Collar Cylinder Hydraulic cylinders probably won't be perfect to hold a load for delayed timeframes by liquid weight alone and this is the place where a locking collar cylinder comes in. The plunger accompanies a locking neckline, which is fundamentally a nut and this is utilized to hold stacks set up for delayed periods of time without rebuffing the hydraulic system.

  2. Center Hole Cylinders While hydraulic cylinders can perform general tasks like overcoming gravity to lift a load, or providing horizontal force to move a load, center hole cylinders can be used to generate tension in cables, wires, ropes, or chains. High Tonnage Cylinders High tonnage cylinders are good for different tasks. They can be used to move and set heavy offshore modules, construct bridges, and to build and assemble ship sections. They are also used in the construction of bridges and leveling homes.

  3. Low Profile Cylinders This is a small hydraulic cylinder type used to move loads in situations where there is low clearance. They come in three types. The first comes with the same shape as an ordinary hydraulic cylinder but with a shorter length. Pulling Cylinders Pulling cylinders, which are also called, pulling jacks, are designed to pull heavy components together, to stretch steel cables that support musts and bridges, and electricity wires with high voltage. They can also be used in scale systems used to weigh heavy items. Contact Us 19151-J Parthenia Street Northridge, CA 91324-5124, USA Call us: +1 (818) 700-8838 Email id Website -