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Healing Rhythms PowerPoint Presentation
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Healing Rhythms

Healing Rhythms

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Healing Rhythms

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  1. Healing Rhythms PHILIPS ‘Probing Experience’ Symposium Kurt R. Smith, D.Sc. June 8-9, 2006

  2. Healing Rhythms is a pioneer of biofeedback-based Lifestyle Technology products. Healing Rhythms

  3. The Products Healing Rhythms

  4. The Products • Disruptive technology play - biofeedback training to the consumer • Two key biometrics: • Skin conductance (stress level) • Heart rate variability (nervous system balance) • Simple-to-use self training program for relaxation, stress reduction and lifestyle management - accessible, effective, and ENGAGING! • Foundation of the training program based on well-founded and widely tested training programs. • Key value proposition for customer: learn simple life-skills in an engaging way to manage stress and achieve a balanced, happy lifestyle. TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE Healing Rhythms

  5. The Doblin Group - Compelling Experience Healing Rhythms

  6. The Doblin Group - Compelling Experience Healing Rhythms

  7. The Doblin Group - Compelling Experience Healing Rhythms

  8. The Doblin Group - Compelling Experience Healing Rhythms

  9. Biofeedback Offers High Value Return AMA states that stress is the cause in 80-85 percent of all human illness 60-90% of primary care visits are stress/psychosocial related Biofeedback is a tested methodology for effectively coping with stress Consumer-based biofeedback is available ? Why doesn’t the iPod have biofeedback built-in? Healing Rhythms

  10. Evaluate the Biofeedback Experience‘REALITY’ Attraction entry Engagement exit Extension defined define defined d fresh immersive accessible significant transformative Healing Rhythms

  11. Evaluate the Biofeedback Experience‘GOAL’ Attraction entry Engagement exit Extension defined define defined d fresh immersive accessible significant transformative Healing Rhythms

  12. Hardware‘Lifestyle Technology’ Healing Rhythms

  13. User InteractionImmersive and Engaging Healing Rhythms

  14. User InteractionCredible and Trusted Healing Rhythms

  15. Transformative Experience? • “Today I was feeling very stressed and out of control. All of sudden, unconsciously, ‘the balloon’ came into my mind and I started to breath in the pattern I had learned to lower it. Almost instantly I relaxed and the stress vanished. Thank you Wild Divine.” • --- Ngia Healing Rhythms

  16. Transformative Experience? • “Wild Divine is so stunning and beautiful I love the graphics and the music so much I get lost in the experience. What a gift. How do I tell you how much I love what is happening in my life because of Wild Divine I can not express adequately the impact you have had on my life.” • --- Forum member Healing Rhythms

  17. Transformative Experience? • “Thank you for making Wild Divine so affordable that anyone can have access to it. It’s wonderful that you’ve collected all the ideas and practices in Wild Divine into one special place.” • --- Forum member Healing Rhythms

  18. Transformative Experience? • “Although you may not think this is a serious “ailment” what drove me to purchasing Wild Divine is my 30 minute commute on the highway everyday.…I would often arrive at the office upset and angry, but no more. I now use the ‘heart breath’ while driving. The result: a deep sense of calm, heightened alertness and focus on my task. Not bad for ‘five-in, five-out’! Thanks!” • --- Colin Healing Rhythms

  19. Transformative Experience? • “I was responsible for a major presentation today at my company and it was turning into a fiasco. . . it was an anxiety attack times ten. Just before I began to sweat, I caught myself and began doing the heart breath to settle myself down. Not only was I able to regain my composure but I also gained control of the meeting <and> I realized that I hadn’t simply been balancing rocks and shooting virtual arrows but that I had actually learned a skill that helped me personally and professionally to remain calm and in the moment so I could be the best me that I can. Thank you Wild Divine for this incredible life skill.” • --- Timothy Healing Rhythms

  20. Transformative Experience? • “Irrationally exuberant smooches to • everyone at Wild Divine. I love you!” • --- Linda Healing Rhythms

  21. Healing Rhythms Go Holland!