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Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show PowerPoint Presentation
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Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show

Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show

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Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show

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  1. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show

  2. MOOSE MOOSE Habitat: Moose live in cool-climate forests near water (lakes, ponds, rivers, or swampy land). Diet: Grass, leaves, aquatic weeds. Type: Herbivore Unusual Fact:Moose are taller than horses and can measure up to 7.5 feet.

  3. Gecko Habitat:Warm areas like, rainforest, deserts and marshes. Diet: Crickets,springtail and roaches. Type: Carnivore Unusual Fact: Geckos change colors.

  4. Toco Toucans Habitat: Brazil’s Rain forests. Diet: Most Tropical fruits. Type: Herbivore Unusual Fact: There beak is 8in long.There beaks can drill though wood.

  5. Quagga Habitat:Dry and sandy places Diet:All kinds of grasses and plants. Type:Omnivore. Unusual Fact:They were exterminated in the 1880s

  6. American paint Habitat: Grassy areas. Diet: grasses. Type: omnivore. Unusual Fact: They have been wild for over 300 years.

  7. Arabian Horse Habitat: Grasses, Plains. Diet: Grasses Type: herbivore. Unusual Fact: They have run free for years.

  8. BATS Habitat: Caves, houses and trees. Diet: Bugs and small animals. Type: May Vary Unusual Fact: Sleeps at day gets up at night.

  9. Ring Tailed Lemur Habitat: They live in the comma deserts. Diet: They eat leaves and smaller animals and some- times little bugs. Type: Herbivore Unusual Fact: They like to play in dust like a chinchilla. Also they can jump up to 20 inches in the air!

  10. BULL SHARK Habitat: The Bull Shark lives in the seas and oceans and the zoo. Diet: Little fish and sometimes seaweed or algee. Type: Most are carnivores Unusual Fact: The Bull shark eats 60,000 fish a day and they weigh over 5000.

  11. Scarlet Macaw Habitat: Emergent of rainforests. Diet: Seeds and fruits. Type:Herbivore Unusual Fact: They are the 2nd most colorful birds.

  12. Blue and Gold Macaw Habitat: riverside forest to savannahs. Diet: Fruits and nuts (not seeds). Type:herbivore Unusual Fact: These birds worst enemies are humans (well only the bad pet owner) because some people get so annoyed with the sounds they set them free in USA that’s how come you have to sign a contract to not set them free.

  13. African Gray Macaw Habitat: Western/central Africa. Diet: Fruits,seeds and nuts. Type: herbivore Unusual Fact: These birds live up to 90 years and are the most intelligent and talkative birds ever.

  14. PANDA BEAR Habitat:The live in bamboo forests in the mountains of China. Diet:The diet is bamboo and leaves that’s all. Type:It is a Giant Panda. Unusual Fact:The giant panda is different from other pandas. It has cat like eyes and it has 5 claws on both of his paws.

  15. Greater Short Horn Lizard Habitat:They live in any sandy places. Diet:Is any thing and ant eater eats. Type:Greater long horn lizard. Unusual Fact:It can squirt blood out of his eyes.

  16. Kola Bear Habitat:Low Land eucalyptus forest. Diet:Is poisonous leaves from a poisonous tree. Type:It is a regarlar kola bear. Unusual Fact:The kola bear is ant eater.

  17. By Andrew, Alisha, Vicky Tanner and Angela