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Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation
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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

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  1. Los Angeles West Coast

  2. El Matador Beach

  3. Fun & Gaming If you wanna have some fun in LA and revisit your childhood, and give you child and awesome experience go to Universal Studios Hollywood!

  4. Historic Sites You just can’t go to Los Angeles without visiting The Hollywood Sign. It’s a must-see when coming to visit, this sign is the global symbol of Hollywood glamour. It’s a nice hike up to the sign.

  5. Cultural When you go to LA, the most cultured part of LA is Hollywood Boulevard. It’s the entertainment center. Be sure to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame before you leave.

  6. Shopping If you wanna do some shopping on your vacation in Los Angeles, be sure to stop by The Beverly Hills Shopping Mall. This is where you find your stereotypical 90210 blondes browsing along shopping racks.

  7. Food & Sleep Joseph’s Cafe Kawada Hotel

  8. Outdoors If you’re in the Los Angeles Area and you want to become one with nature, come on over to the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple. It’s a great place to get in touch with your self.

  9. Why should I visit Los Angeles? • Los Angeles is a great place to visit, they have tons of things to do and see. There’s so many different parts of LA, and every single street is loaded with different cultures. There’s amazing museums, and great beaches. The architecture is also breath taking. There’s just so much to do, that you might even have to take two trips!