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LOS ANGELES. Los Angeles is the largest city in California with almost 3,900,000 people . It is a great multiethnic center with a very large Hispanic population .

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  2. Los Angeles is the largest city in California with almost 3,900,000 people. Itis a greatmultiethnic center with a very large Hispanicpopulation. Los Angeles Country, is the biggest in america with 12 millionpeople. The port of Los Angeles is the busiest in the USA. Angelenosmovearound by car and trafficisalwaysheavy. Sinceitrainsverylittle, the smog increases in the air, making Los Angeles the mostpolluted city in America.

  3. The motionpicture and aircraftindustries The first motionpicturetheater in California opened in Los Angeles in April 1902. In the early 1920s Los Angeles becamewellknown for two of America’smostimportantindustries: motionpictures and aircraft. Motion pictureproducersmovedtheirstudios from the East Coast to Los Angeles to take advantage of the excellentweather. Hollywood became the center for movie production. Seven importantstudios by the end of the 1920s hadcreated the biggestmotionpictureindustry in the world.

  4. Thiswas the «goldenage» of Hollywood, whereeach studio employedthousands of actors, actresses, writers and costume designers. By the 1930s the excitingmotionpictureindustrywassimplycalled«Hollywood» and it produced 400 films a year.

  5. Howard Hughes, one of America’srichest men and best pilots, founded the Hughes Aircraft Company in 1932 in Culver City. Itbecameone of America’sbiggestaircraft industries. In 1948 Hughes founded the Aerospace Group, whichbuilt Aircraft for travel, defanse and spaceexploration. Hughes wasalso an important Hollywood producer and director of filmslike Scarface and The Outlaw.

  6. The walk of fame • Whenpeoplethink Los Angeles the first thingthatcames to mindis Hollywood and itsstars. The best place to see more than 2.000 pointedstarsis the Hollywood WALK OF FAME, a sidewalkalong Hollywood. Inside eachpink star on the sidewalkis the name of a celebrity.

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