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Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising is unavoidable. It can be placed anywhere, allowing you to target people in the right areas with the most impact. It can reach as many people at such a low cost per thousand with as big an impact.<br>

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Mobile Billboard Advertising

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  1. Mobile Billboard Advertising

  2. Introduction • It’s an important part of advertising media • Creates significant impression on consumers • Provides best routes,times,and location

  3. Great way to reach large audience at outdoor events of all types

  4. Advantages of Mobile Billboard Advertising • Unavoidable • Mobility • Low Cost • No Competition • Regular Updates • Brand Recognition • Eye catching • Trackability

  5. Unavoidable • These are unavoidable • The viewer cannot avoid these ads

  6. Mobility • Can be placed anywhere • Allows to target people in the right areas with most impact

  7. Low Cost • No other form is as low cost as this type • Reach many people

  8. No Competition • Allows to place your idea with no competitor • Makes sure that your message receives maximum attention

  9. Regular updates • Can be changed and improved • Thus prevents boredom

  10. Brand Recognition • Scare your competitors • Influence customers in to believing that your brand is bigger

  11. Eye catching • Forces people to view and read your advertisement fully

  12. Trackability • GPS tracking allows to view tracking reports of exactly where our mobile billboards are For more details visit:http://www.grassrootsadvertising.com/what-we-do/mobile-vehicle-advertising-solutions/

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