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Indoor Billboard Advertising

Indoor Billboard Advertising. A Growth Opportunity with Markets Available Nationwide. Indoor Advertising Provides… The opportunity to reach a captive audience The ability to target by age, gender, income, lifestyle, and geography A low cost, affordable ad medium

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Indoor Billboard Advertising

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  1. Indoor Billboard Advertising A Growth Opportunity with Markets Available Nationwide

  2. Indoor Advertising Provides… • The opportunity to reach a captive audience • The ability to target by age, gender, income, lifestyle, and geography • A low cost, affordable ad medium • Strong frequency, approximately 76% of women, and 83% of men over 6 and under 70 years of age use a public restroom each day (Source IBAA) Ad Week, “Restroom Advertising is naturally an efficient medium for targeting strictly Male or Female audiences”

  3. Why Indoor Advertising? • Arizona State University found consumer attitudes toward Indoor Billboard and Restroom advertising to be very positive, “with as much as 98% of those surveyed indicating a favorable reaction” • Rice University Study: Retention of impressions generated by ad boards was found to be an average of 40% stronger than by other media • Barbour & Monroe Marketing Research study found as much as 98.9% of restroom ad board viewers reacted positively or neutral to seeing ads in restroom facilities • All three studies concluded: The ability of ad boards to target certain groups by age, sex, income level or lifestyle is one of the greatest strengths of ad boards over other available media

  4. Why Indoor Advertising, cont. • Delivers a captive audience by placing restroom billboard advertising in select high traffic venues with targeted demographics • Viewers are captive for 30 seconds to 4 minutes. They cannot change the channel, turn the page, tune to another station, or even turn around to ignore the message being presented to them! • Restroom billboard advertising is read 95 to 100% of the time • Restroom Billboard Advertising retention rate is outstanding, 84% after just one exposure! The Boston Globe, “This was the only place in the world people would stand in line to read the advertising.”

  5. Is a natural for Special Events… Team up with promoters in your area and offer outstanding advertising opportunities during… • Outdoor Festivals • Concerts • County and State Fairs • Sporting Events • Conventions and Meetings

  6. Looks great in Public Spaces Advertisers and Locations benefit from indoor billboards at… • City Parks • Marinas • Schools • Sports Arenas • Civic Auditoriums • Convention Centers The Business Journal, “Rest assured people have to read your ad… market studies have proven it to be effective.”

  7. Provides your clients… • Magazine quality ad production… • Creative ads that demand attention… • High visibility venues that deliver the demographics the client desires… "The promotional effort and onsite posters in restaurants, attractions, and hotels have created a "buzz" throughout the state...we are always looking for "out of the box" ways to communicate to the festival goer...EverywhereUGO® does just that!" National Cherry Festival - Susan Wilcox Olson

  8. Provides You… • A fun office environment created by you! • A chance to work for yourself! • An avenue to future success and financial freedom! Fortune, “The ads reach the audience most coveted by advertisers: 21-35 year olds who like to go out and spend money.”

  9. Why ? • When you purchase a License Agreement from EverywhereUGO you are investing in a proven business model… WE PROVIDE… • almost 20 years of indoor advertising experience • exclusive rights to your city, county, or region • use of trademark, and all logos • customized website, with hosting • a ready to use, proprietary, web based business software application • client tracking and reporting • everything you need to hit the ground running! • on site training to get you going, FAST!

  10. YOU PROVIDE… • An enthusiasm for your future… • Strong sales skills • A strong work ethic… • The passion and desire to succeed • An initial investment… …and we’ll get you on your way! The Houston Chronicle, “What a perfect place for an ad.”

  11. CONTACT US FOR MORE… MATT MYERS, owner/operator 231-883-5936, matt@everywhereugo.com

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