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All Hands Meeting

March 24, 2011. All Hands Meeting. Welcome – and welcome back. Welcome Christina McMillan Sharon Harris Phaedra Dockrill Thomas Wells Welcome back Jasmine Levy on 4/11. Agenda. Kaizen 1 and 2 Restructured phone system: summary and expectations Spring party. Kaizens 1 and 2.

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All Hands Meeting

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  1. March 24, 2011 All Hands Meeting

  2. Welcome – and welcome back • Welcome • Christina McMillan • Sharon Harris • Phaedra Dockrill • Thomas Wells • Welcome back • Jasmine Levy on 4/11

  3. Agenda • Kaizen 1 and 2 • Restructured phone system: summary and expectations • Spring party

  4. Kaizens 1 and 2

  5. Kaizen 1 • Steve Desper, Kim Young-Wright, and Malinda Williams attended Purple Belt Training. • Project focused on the Triage Area and Utility Room on Side 1.

  6. Kaizen 1 • Implemented 5S techniques • Reduced par levels • Returned inventory for $ • Removed excess / broken equipment and supplies • Standardized supplies and workspace in triage area • Improved signage • Installed door closers and punch locks

  7. Kaizen 1 Before After

  8. Kaizen 1

  9. Kaizen 1 ~ Thanks to our Team for a Great Project ! Home Team: Malinda Williams, Steve Desper, Kim Young-Wright, Kim Ford, Theressa Brown, Penny Chumley, Janie Dail Visiting Team: Mauri Williams, Todd Reichert, Jennifer Lord, Lindsay Hemingway, Kelly Cook, Andrew Banks, Jonathan Thornhill Sponsors: Dr. Tom Miller, Malinda Williams

  10. Kaizen 2: Team 1Sort - Set in order – Shine – Standardize - Sustain Staff break room Team 1 members Kim Ford (team leader) Phillis Perkins Dionne Liles Erika Bynum GOAL: To make the break room a more pleasant, cleaner, and relaxing area • Scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed • Removed broken ice machine • Organized and labeled supplies, stored excess in lockers • Rearranged area to create more room • Developed an ordering process • Developed a policy and cleaning schedule for maintenance • Still To Come • Patch & Paint • Cabinets

  11. Kaizen 2: Team 1 BEFORE

  12. Mini-Kaizen: Team 1 WOW AFTER WOW

  13. Mini-Kaizen: Team 1 Assigned cleaning schedule • Be sure to label your food with name and date • Check for your name on the schedule: everyone gets an opportunity to clean

  14. Mini-Kaizen: Team 2Sort - Set in order – Shine – Standardize - Sustain Office Supplies Team 2 members Steve Desper (team leader), not pictured Vickie Wheeley Marilyn Bender, not pictured Carrie Porter Paul Njagu GOAL: To create a centralized area for office supplies, and streamline the ordering process • Collected, sorted, and labeled supplies • Cleared space in Room 3112 to organize and store supplies • Found a place for everything and put everything in its place • Established inventory levels • Returned surplus • Developed a weekly ordering process

  15. Mini-Kaizen: Team 2 BEFORE

  16. Kaizen 2: Team 2 • WOW AFTER

  17. Kaizen 2: Team 3Sort - Set in order – Shine – Standardize - Sustain Utility room side 2 Team 3 members Kim Young-Wright (team leader) Theresa Brown Robin Woodford Jan Williams Holly Moore Jo Williams, not pictured GOAL: To increase efficiency and flow of utility room to enable nurses to be more available to patients and providers • Standardized supplies and co-located items used together • Standardize work space to closely resemble Side 1 utility room • Removed unneeded equipment and supplies • Returned excess inventory for $ • Improved signage mirroring Side 1 • Reviewed maintenance schedule • Still To Come • Punch locks & door closers • Plexi divider separating clinical/office • Kan Ban ordering process

  18. Kaizen 2: Team 3 Before

  19. Kaizen 2: Team 3 • WOW After

  20. Kaizen 2: Team 3 • WOW Time for extra projects! Resident workroom Nurse triage area, side 2

  21. Kaizens are a success!!! • Thanks to those who participated in the Kaizen events • Thanks to those who did not participate but kept the clinic running • Thanks to all who will help sustain the systems implemented • We accomplished more than just 5s – we accomplished 15s!

  22. Restructured phone system: summary and expectations

  23. Phones: A Feast of Snakes

  24. Choose a line - any line

  25. IM line wrangler at work

  26. One line at a time

  27. Toward clarity, lucidity, and linearity

  28. Internal Medicine Clinic Central(919) 966-1459 • Unique number at each of four nursing stations • Two new unique numbers for Diabetes Care Assistants • Unique number for Front Desk 1 & 2 • Old Clinic staff rotations • Increase staffing • Uniform process

  29. Phone Fundamentals • Greeting and introduction • No voice mail • First contact philosophy

  30. Calls for Physicians • All calls start with a WebCIS message • Page doctors with message notice • It could be Friday at 4pm • If medications might be needed, confirm that WebCIS pharmacy information is correct • Doctors may respond with specific instructions about how to handle the request • Be sure to finalize the WebCIS phone note

  31. Nurse – Physician Team Pilot • Nurses designated to take patient calls for specific doctors • Trained on GE and ready to make appointments • Knows doctors schedule and idiosyncrasies • Patient calls start in Communication Center – 966-1459 • WebCIS messages for most calls • Direct nurse line for calls from Communication Center, not for patients • For return calls • Can be answered by colleagues • Build on triage skills

  32. New attending physician • Dr. Shana Ratner will be joining the Internal Medicine team In August.

  33. Spring Party Friday, May 20, 4:00 pm

  34. Spring PartyFriday, May 20, 4:00 pm • The annual spring picnic will be held at Southern Community Park, a new park near Southern Village. • The Clinic will close early with the last patient scheduled at 3:00 in order to allow all staff to enjoy the party!

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