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Homemade Science Show 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Homemade Science Show 2009

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Homemade Science Show 2009
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Homemade Science Show 2009

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  1. HomemadeScienceShow 2009 Pack 300

  2. Welcome • “Homemade Science” is where we get to do science experiments with items found in your house! • Have fun while learning. • DO NOT TRY THESE EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION!!!

  3. Opening Ceremony • Flag Ceremony – Tiger Den • Cub Scout Promise: I, (your name), promise to do my best. To do my duty to God and my Country. To help other people, And obey the Law of the Pack

  4. JokingScience

  5. Group Demonstrations

  6. Science Principle Match Game • Objective of the game is to match the scientific principle with the correct station. • Not a race but keep moving between stations. • Read the directions before starting a station. • Winners are determined by the most correct answers and respectful behavior (Cub Scout Spirit).

  7. Science Principle Match Game • Move from station to station as a TEAM. • Teams need at least 1 Adult and no more than 4 Scouts. • Exception is station #16 which will be by den. Tigers first, Wolves second and Webelos third. • Questions?

  8. Homemade Science Principles Matching and Learning Game

  9. JokingScience

  10. Science Principle Match Game Answers AWhen you mix the polyvinyl acetate and the sodium teraborate it binds the polymer chains together making them harder to move around. The slime becomes more like silly putty. Station #13 BSounds you can hear are created by vibrating a solid object, gas, or liquid at a frequency that your ears are capable of hearing. The vibrations must also be strong enough to be "heard".Station #12 CThese occur because the different cells and receptors of the eye perceive images and colors at different rates, which sometimes result in a false image being relayed to the brain. Station #7 DAs you add more crystals to the liquid, it becomes more dense. A less dense object, liquid or gas always “floats” on a more dense liquid or gas. Station #5 ESurface pressure spread out over a wide area is not as effective as pressure concentrated in a specific spot. This is why something so fragile can be so strong. Station #4 FIsotropy is the property of a fluid to become firm when agitated. Thixotropy is when a mixture becomes more fluid.Station #16

  11. Science Principle Match Game Answers GOil is lighter than water and the two do not mix because of intermolecular polarity. Gas is created in this experiment and as it rises and releases it takes the colored water with it.Station #11 HThis experiment created a reaction called Exothermic Reaction. It not only creates foam but also heat!Station #14 IBernoulli’s Principle states that when air speeds up, it’s pressure gets lower. If the air pressure on top of an object is less than the pressure under the object it creates lift. Station #17 JWhen all of these ingredients are combined, chemical reactions are started that bind all of the different molecules together. It not only creates a brand new substance but a delicious treat.Station #15 KTiny, single-celled, prokaryotic organisms that can survive in a wide variety of environments. Some cause serious infectious diseases in humans, other animals, and plants. Station #10 LWhen gas is heated, it expands. When gas cools, it contracts. When two separate volumes of gas are suddenly mixed, they both try to come to an equal pressureStation #3

  12. Science Principle Match Game Answers MWhen metals get dipped into certain types of liquids, they start to dissolve. Some dissolve faster than others, which can cause them to have a more negative charge than slower dissolving ones in the same solution. If you connect a wire between the metals, you can detect current flowing due to the charge difference between the metals in the solution.Station #6 NSome flexible “rubber like” materials, called elastomers, work well as air or liquid seals. In order to seal, the elastomer has to be flexible enough to form itself around the object being sealed, and it also needs to be pressed tightly around the objectStation #8 OCarbon Dioxide gas is heavier than air because it’s denser. Bubbles filled with air will float upon a blanket of carbon dioxide gas, because they are less dense. Station #9 15-13 correct =Ultimate Evil Genius 12-10 correct =Mad Scientist 9-6 correct =Igor, Evil Assistant 5-3 correct =Doomed Specimen 2-0 correct =Zombie

  13. Awards • Homemade Science Awards • Summit Awards • Den Chief Installation • Den Awards

  14. Closing Ceremony • Flag Ceremony – Tiger Den • Announcements: -March Birthdays: Lucas Herreid 3/12, Trevor Shimota 3/19, Paul Carrington-May 3/26, Jaden Anderson 3/18 -New Pack family of Jaden Anderson -Introduce Matt B., Nick N. and Robb Kasal as new leadership -District Roundtable-Open to all Parents- March12 7pm in New Prague -Food Drive Saturday 3/21 8am. Meet at the Firestation -University of Scouting 3/21 in Hudson, WI – Great Training opportunities for all adults. Information is on the literature table.