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10 attractions in London

10 attractions in London. Jakub Zieliński 1a. Tower of London.

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10 attractions in London

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  1. 10 attractions in London Jakub Zieliński 1a

  2. Tower of London The Tower of London is a buldingthatservesformerlydefensivefunctions and the palacefunctions. It alsoserved as a prison. The lastruler of England whousedit for defencepurposes was Jacob 1.The Tower was created by William the Conqueror.

  3. Big Ben The construction of the tower was takenafter the fire of the Palace of Westminster in 1834. Inauguration of the openningceremonytook place on 31 of May in 1859. The clockis the largestclock in Britain.

  4. StPaul’sCathedral The St.Paul’sCathedral in London islocated in central London. Construction took place from 1675 to 1710. Inside the Cathedraltherearean art galleries.

  5. Tower Bridge The middle part of the bridgemadeup of twoweighing 1100 tonsbasculespansraisingbridgewithin 90 seconds. Thereis a museum of itshistoryin the tower of the bridge .

  6. Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbeycomplextill the sixteenthcentury was a royalresidence. The firstmeeting of the English Parliament was held in 1265. From the time of William the Conqueror crownedkings of the country wereusingcoronationthrone from 1307.

  7. Buckingham Palace Since 1837 itis the seat of British monarchs and the largestroyalpalace in the world. In 1703 the palace was the residence of the Duke of Buckingham. In 1762 King George 3 of England tookpossession of the palace, which was converted to hisprivateresidence.

  8. Hyde Park Hyde Park islocated in the area of 2.5km². Hyde Park was created by Henryk VIII in 1536. The bigger part of the objects in the Park was designed in 20s of the nineteenthcentury by Decimus Burton.

  9. Tate Modern Gallery Tate Modern Gallery islocated in the town on the Thames in formerBankside Power Station and itisnow a nationalmuseum of contemporary art in Britain.

  10. The British Museum The British Museum was founded in 1753 under the Act of the British Parliament. Originallytherewereexhibitedcollections of Sir Hans Sloane.todaythereareexhibits from prehistorictimes to the presentday of humancivilization.

  11. London Eye London Eyeislocated on the Thames. Built to celebrate the end of the twentiethcentury. London Eyeis the largestwheel in the world. London Eyecancarryup to 800 visitorsat the same time.

  12. Thankyou for watching Sources: http://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/sightseeing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London

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