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Shel Lab Incubators – Points you need to consider PowerPoint Presentation
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Shel Lab Incubators – Points you need to consider

Shel Lab Incubators – Points you need to consider

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Shel Lab Incubators – Points you need to consider

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  1. Shel Lab Incubators – Points you need to consider One of the most vital equipment in most labs today is the incubator. The incubators are useful for various uses and are an important part of major experiments. Shel Lab Incubators are one of the best lab incubators in the world. But customers often complain of seeing random temperature fluctuations. This small article will help you understand how you can deal with these fluctuations. In case, you require a lab incubator then you will get quite mad if you find it to be not working properly. For instance, your unit might not heat up or get cooled down, or perhaps not reach the set point temperature. There are several reasons as to why this can happen: 1.Check for any form of mechanical failure In the event that your unit is not heating or cooling down, then there can be a serious problem. You can have broken elements and controllers and these will need immediate servicing and procurement of replacement parts. At times, if you see the cooling function not done properly, then there can be problems with your compressor as well. So, you should check for these mechanical glitches first. Sometimes mechanical glitches are easy to fix and need only nominal servicing. It is crucial to ensure that you do a regular maintenance of your lab incubator in order to ensure that the devices do not suffer from any mechanical glitches at all. 2.Temperature protection has become either too high or too low The over temperature protection has become one of the most handy features of several lab incubators. It can act as a form of a backup by cutting out the heat and also activating a form of an alarm when the temperatures show spikes for any reason. This will ensure that the integrity of your samples are maintained. It also ensures the stability of crucial lab samples at high temperatures. There are certain units which have an automatic protection function where the unit shall shut down and the alarms are activated in case the temperature deviates too much from a specific set point by even a degree centigrade. These features are crucial for conducting several modern day experiments where the margins of error and deviation are quite slim and hence, strict vigilance is mandated. This will lower any chance of fluctuation on a massive scale. In the event you face any such temperature fluctuation, then you should first ascertain whether the fluctuation is both for the temperature going up and when it goes down. It is important that you should set a specific minimum temperature in order to ensure that crucial lab experiments are not exposed to a very cold temperature. It is vital that you should call customer care immediately to come and resolve the issue. Do not try to fix any hardware by yourself under any circumstances. You will risk causing further damage and increasing the costs of repairing. 3.Temperatures will have to be stabilized

  2. There are some form of specialized incubators which have an additional thermometer for extra reference which serves to aid in calibration. There can be times, when your machine might seem to have heated up or even cooled down a lot but the temperature displayed on the thermometer will not match the temperature control’s reading. One of the main causes for such a malfunction is that the temperature in the incubator has not stabilized. This can happen when the door has been opened recently, or the unit was suddenly turned off, or there was a temperature reset and so on. In these instances, the incubator did not have a lot of time for the internal temperature to get stabilized. 4.Lack of calibration If the temperature still does not stabilize even after a lot of time, then you should check for any problem with the calibration. In the event that the thermometers are not calibrated properly then you will not get accurate readings. Thus it is recommended that your unit should be calibrated at the right temperature and then it must be calibrated every time that you change to any new temperature. 5.Check the door’s seal for damages It is important to check if there are damages on the doors of your incubators. Breaking the seal of the door will result in malfunctioning of the temperature. In case, the seal does not work properly then the air exchange of the unit and the environment will not be taking place. This will result in the escape of the warm air. It is important that you contact customer care for fixing any such issue on the Shel lab incubators. Conclusion The lab incubator is an essential part of modern labs. Sometimes, you may face temperature fluctuations in the incubators but this can be easily fixed. Shel Lab Incubators have an excellent customer care service to resolve all such issues.