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The Future of Expression Blend PowerPoint Presentation
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The Future of Expression Blend

The Future of Expression Blend

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The Future of Expression Blend

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  1. The Future ofExpression Blend

  2. Expression Mission Enable professional designersto create great user experiences with better productivity at a lower cost Help integrate design and designersinto the process of software creation

  3. Expression Blend 3 Goals Enable early-stage design & prototyping ~ Make visual design easier for designers Design with data Build interactivity without code ~ Enable Source Code Control ~ Support for Silverlight 3

  4. SketchFlow Created to address issues felt at the start of the software design process: • Top-down & bottoms-up design lets you experiment with ideas • SketchFlow Player lets you try your design at any time • Facilitate communication of design ideas • Easy to gather, evaluate and use stakeholder feedback

  5. Enable early stage design & prototyping

  6. Make Visual Design Easier Embrace the Design Ecosystem • Adobe Photoshop& Illustratorfile format importwith extensive support for layers Fast and Easy Control Skinning • Enhanced editing of visual states • Richer state transitions Focus On Your Art • Redesigned artboard interaction • Better gradient editing

  7. Make Visual Design Easier for Designers

  8. Designing with Data Make it easy to build a data-driven applications: • Sample data • Design applications without access to live data source • Create sample data on the fly • Populate with configurable random data • Drag and drop Master-Detail creation • Better user experience for data binding • Design-time support for Silverlight 3 DataGrid

  9. Designing with Data

  10. Interactivity without Code Introducing Behaviors: • Production-quality interactivity appliedwith drag & drop ease • A design pattern for reusable interactivity Your imagination is the only limit

  11. Building Interactivity Without Code

  12. Design for Developers Source Code Control • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server support Improved Code Editing Experience • New editor with Intellisense for code & XAML

  13. Expression Blend 3 Literally hundreds of features Wide range of powerful tools for production and design Enhanced designer – developer workflow The magicof 3 Download the Expression Blend 3 Preview at

  14. The Future of Expression Blend Remember your session evaluations Session MIX09-C04F

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