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Introduction to Bella Homes, LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Bella Homes, LLC

Introduction to Bella Homes, LLC

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Introduction to Bella Homes, LLC

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  1. Introduction to Bella Homes, LLC Bella Homes, LLC We believe people, not banks, should own homes

  2. Welcome To Bella Homes LLC Thank You For Your Valuable Time

  3. Legal Disclaimer Please Take a Moment to Review Bella Homes LLC • Bella Homes, LLC was formed for the sole purpose of purchasing residential and commercial properties from homeowners and banks, as well as defaulted mortgages from banks and mortgage companies on a wholesale basis.  All clients are free to choose any action or legal procedure after being introduced to the Bella Homes, LLC program. By law, Bella Homes, LLC does not in anyway guarantee purchase of the underlying notes from the homeowners lenders or guarantee any result from any court proceedings. • The examples set forth in this presentation are hypothetical examples that are intended to explain the components and operation of the Bella Homes Compensation Plan.  These hypothetical examples are not representative of the income, if any, that a Bella Homes Distributor can or will earn through his or her participation in the Bella Homes Compensation Plan.  These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.  Any representation or guarantee of earnings, whether made by Bella Homes or a Distributor, would be misleading.  Success with Bella Homes results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.  Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities.  Because Bella Homes is so young, it has not yet had the ability to determine either: (1) the average earnings for all its Distributors; or (2) the percent of Bella Homes Distributors who achieved or exceeded the hypothetical earnings set forth above.  As soon as this information is available, we will provide it on this page.  Please return to the following web page periodically for updated information – • The expressed views, opinions and concepts of the presenters are just that, opinions. Interested parties should conduct their own due diligence prior to engaging in the services and business model of Bella Homes, LLC. • Bella Homes, LLC, its representatives, agents and employees do not provide legal or financial advice. Independent Representatives for Bella Homes, LLC do not provide any tax advice, please consult your attorney or tax advisor. • This presentation is being given, unknowingly by the presenter/trainer whether or not you are or are not marketing any other company in the world of MLM. It is not the intention to knowingly solicit, interfere, or attempt to induce sales associate/independent contractor to leave his or her service with any company. It is not the interest of the presenter/ trainer to encourage you to discontinue promoting any other companies products or services.

  4. Webinar Hosts* Bella Homes LLC. • Sunil Wadhwa • 23 years in MLM • National Speaker & Presenter • Requested National Sales Trainer • Extensive experience in business ownership, management, sales & marketing • Rick Walsh • 31 years in MLM • National Speaker & Presenter • Requested National Sales Trainer • Extensive experience in business ownership, management, sales & marketing • Addison Beverly • 20 years in MLM • National Speaker & Presenter • Requested National Sales Trainer • Extensive experience in business ownership, management, sales & marketing *Webinar Hosts are independent representatives for Bella Homes LLC and are not part of Bella Corporate or Legal Team

  5. Bella Homes LLC. • Our sole purpose is the purchase residential properties from individual homeowners, defaulted mortgages from banks and mortgage companies on a wholesale basis. • Is NOTa real estate or loan modification company • Is NOT a mortgage or foreclosure consultant • Is NOT a law firm • Does NOT give consultation or legal advice • Our strategy is to buy on a wholesale basis so that we may sell the properties back to the home owner or tenants at 90% of the current market value of said property. • Information Bella Homes shares with seminar attendees and clients is intended for educational purpose only.

  6. FOUNDERS BACKGROUND Bella Homes LLC. Founded Bella Homes Jan 2010 Founder/CEO/President President & CEO Diamond & Associates Inc., Scottsdale Arizona based Retirement Planning and Senior Financial Services Company (A+ rating through the ‘Better Business Bureau’) Proud Member of the very prestigious National Ethics Bureau (NEB) Mark S Diamond Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and has given more than 1800 senior seminars coast to coast. 1995 Mark Founded Senior Education Counsel (A national non-profit senior advocacy group). He’s also a Founding Board Member of the California Association for Senior Estate Planners (CASEP) and the National Association of Elder Advisors (NAEA).

  7. Bella Corp Management Team Combined Experience 100 + years Bella Homes LLC. • Michael Terrell • In-House Counsel • 30 years in Real Estate Law • Law Degree from Tulane University • Over 17,000 Real Estate Transactions Closed • Kathy Craver • In-House Counsel • 26 years in Real Estate Law • Law Degree from University of Georgia • Extensive experience in foreclosure law and settlement negotiation • Laura Tabrizipour • Director of Quality Control • 8 years in management and customer support • Degree from Georgia State University • Experience in coaching staff and ensuring quality control to clients.

  8. Bella Homes, Founded January 2010 Corporate Office – Class A Bella Homes LLC. Corporate Office Scottsdale, Arizona Regional Office Atlanta, Georgia Regional Corporate Office Alpharetta, Georgia (Effective Aug 1)

  9. Exceptionally Qualified Bella Homes LLC. Mark Diamond and his corporate team at Bella Homes are exceptionally qualified in assisting their clients with the best solutions to help maintain their financial security, independence and dignity throughout these rough economic times.

  10. The Problem I Bella Homes LLC. • The Symptoms II • A Path to Change III

  11. FORECLOSED FORECLOSED Owning Homes Has Always Been An American Dream 1 2 3 4 FORECLOSED FORECLOSED

  12. Bella Homes LLC. 17 MillionPeople Will Be Foreclosed in The Next 4 Years. Goldman Sachs Aug. 2010

  13. Bella Homes LLC. In 6 states 60% ofHomeowners are possiblyfacing foreclosure ARIZONA GEORGIA FLORIDA NEVADA MICHIGAN CALIFORNIA

  14. Bella Homes LLC.

  15. Bella Homes LLC. Wall Street & Lenders Created the Perfect Environment for PREDATORY LENDING PRACTICES Bottomline…. GREED



  18. Bella Homes LLC. WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS???? Loan Modification Short Sale Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Bankruptcy Litigation

  19. So what’s the solution?

  20. Who is Bella Homes? Bella Homes LLC. Bella Homes, LLC was formed for the sole purpose of purchasing residential properties and defaulted mortgages from banks and mortgage companies on a wholesale basis.  The types of deals we focus on are as follows: pre-foreclosures, foreclosures*, short sales, REO’s and auctions with the home values ranging from $200,000 to $5,000,000.  Our strategy is to buy on a wholesale basis so that we may sell the properties back to the home owner or tenants at 90% of the current market value of said property.  *Please see state by state eligibility

  21. Our Program Bella Homes LLC. Our programs and documentation have been created and reviewed by some of the best real estate attorneys and they have issued the following statements: • Our program is legal • Our program does not violate any federal or state laws • Our closing documents have been developed in conjunction with attorneys • Bella Homes uses only the best closing attorneys to close our transactions

  22. Bella Step by Step Process Bella Homes LLC. Bella Homes LLC Contracts to Buy your Home and gives you a 3-5 or 7yr Lease with an Option to Buy it Back at 90% of Future Fair Market Value Bella Homes LLC EDUCATES HOMEOWNERS Bella Homes LLC Negotiates with your Current Lenders to Purchase the “Note” at a Discounted rate. • 40%-60% Reduction of Current Monthly Payment thru Lease Option • Re-Purchase at 90% • of Fair Market Value Bella Homes LLC either Negotiates with the Lender to Purchase the Note or Files a Lawsuit Against the lender in Court With Evidence Found in a Forensic Audit Bella Homes LLC. Sells the Home Back to you for 90% of Fair Market Value and may even Finance your New Mortgage

  23. NO HOMEOWNER BREAKS! Bella Homes LLC. Reality Check

  24. WHAT Can We Do? Bella Homes LLC. Negotiate! Buy the Note from the Lender at a Discount Bella Homes has the Solution!

  25. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Bella Homes LLC. Avoid Eviction! Stay in the home Control the property for as long as possible

  26. Forensic Review of Mortgage Bella Homes LLC. • Our attorneys find discrepancies in more than 90% of mortgages reviewed – 6 main ones shown of next slide. • Once discrepancies have been discovered, our attorney drafts a lawsuit outlining the same. • Bella Homes uses these irregularities as leverage to negotiate purchasing the mortgage at a discount

  27. IS THIS POSSIBLE? RESPA TILA FDCPA REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES ACT OF 1974. FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT of 1977 revised 2009 LAWS IN HOMEOWNER’S FAVOR Truth In Lending Act Protecting Tenants At Foreclosure ACT 2009 UNFAIR BUSINESS FORECLOSURE LAW Violation Of Business & Professional Code 17200 Senate Bill 1137 or CA Civil Code 2923.5

  28. Bella Fees Bella Homes LLC. NO UpFront Fees! 3-5-7 Yr Lease Option Agreement with Monthly Payments 40%-60% Lower than Current Mortgage Payment. First & Last 2 Months Lease Payment Option to Re-Purchase Home at 90% of Future Fair Market Value with a Credit of 60%* of all Monthly Payments *Assuming no payments are late.

  29. Client’s Options to solve Real Estate Challenges Bella Homes LLC. Bella Homes Short Sale Foreclosure Does Client . . . Move Out? Y Y N Uncertainty? Y Y N Prevented from repurchase? Y Y N Debt forgiveness? N N Y Savings? N N Y Options? N N Y Regain Equity? N N Y Face possible deficiency judgment Y Y Nfor loss (Good for 20 years) Peace of Mind N N Y

  30. Acquisition Forms Why Bella Homes? Sample Bella Homes LLC.

  31. REALITY CHECK Bella Homes LLC. Reality Check Example 3 lease payments at $1500 $4500 To STAY $5000 - $7000 to Leave OR

  32. REALITY CHECK Bella Homes LLC. Typical 3/2 rental is going to run us around $1500 month Pay First ($1500) and Last ($1500) months rent plus a security deposit ($1000) = $4000 Total Turn on the utilities at the rental =~$500 Pack up and move = More Stress! $5000 - $7000 Total Rent a moving van =$500 + Or hire a moving company =$2000 +

  33. RECAP – Bella Process Bella Homes LLC. FSTEP 1 FSTEP 2 FSTEP 3 FSTEP 4 FHomeowner Leases from Bella 3-5-7 yrs ~40%-60% less than Mortgage Payment FBella Homes LLC Purchases the Home from Homeowner FHomeowner Lives in their home stress free FBella Homes Negotiates with Bank FSTEP 5 FSTEP 6 FSTEP 7 FSTEP 8 FHomeowner Repurchases home back for 90% of the then current market value FBella Deeds Home back to homeowner Bella will spend whatever it takes & whatever legal dollars to fight FIf negotiations don’t go well Bella files a lawsuit

  34. H O M E L E S S Shanties Tents Squatters American River Homeless SACRAMENTO STATE CAPITAL OF CALIFORNIA February 2010

  35. Bella’s Compensation Structure!

  36. Do You Have a PLAN B? Bella Homes LLC. With Americas Economic SLOWDOWN The FACTS are clear… Average Household is in Trouble! • Americans are losing their homes…..All Time High • Americans losing equity in homes.….All Time High • Americans Losing Jobs………..……….....All Time High • Americans Savings…………..…….………. All Time Low • Pension Plans…………..…..…………….Being Eliminated • 401K’s………………………...……………….Not Performing • Social Security………………………………….…going Broke Everyone needs to have a Plan B

  37. Compensation Plan Front End – Stair Step Breakaway Monthly and Backend – Unilevel OF BELLA’S CURRENT BUSINESS $1000 – Least $1700 – Average $13,000 – Highest $1700 – 1st Month 85% commissionable $1445 $1700 – Each Month 10% commissionable $170 After 3/5/7 yrs Repurchase price ex. $300,000 - 8% Or $24,000 Level 1 = 1.0% or $17 Level 2 = 1.5% or $25 Level 3 = 2.0% or $34 Level 4 = 1.5% or $25 Level 5 = 1.0% or $17 Level 6 = 1.0% or $17 Level 7 = 1.0% or $17 Level 8 = 1.0% or $17 Level 1 = 2% or $6000 Level 2 = 1% or $3000 Level 3 = 1% or $3000 Level 4 = 1% or $3000 Level 5 = 1% or $3000 Level 6 = 1% or $3000 Level 7 = .6% or $1800 Level 8 = .4% or $1200 • Comp Plan is being finalized, these may not be the final exact numbers. • State by State licensing requirements may exist. State by State organization chart will be released this week.

  38. Bella Representative Bella Homes LLC. Two Reasons To Join Bella Homes LLC • Increase Your Income • If You Are A Homeowner • Entering The Bella Program – • Offset Your Monthly Lease Payment • Example – • 2 new clients Per Month • @ $500 each = $1,000

  39. MARKETING POST CARD – Back Bella Homes LLC.

  40. State by State Organizational Chart Bella Homes, LLC We believe people, not banks, should own homes

  41. Minimal Investment! Bella Homes LLC. • Enrollment Fee • Representative Enrollment Fee Value $99 • Mandatory Online Training with • online certification Value $195 • Optional replicated website - $49 per month • Become a Business Owner • Spare Time – Part Time – Full Time* • Possible Tax Savings from having a home based business* • “it costs the average tax payer between $200 to $600 per month not to own a business. By joining Bella Homes LLC for $295 you not only get much more than that but you can qualify to begin receiving an extra $500 to $1,000 per month from your job on your very next pay check”. • Add Income to your bottom line • Create teams – Work smart – leverage yourself -OVERRIDES * Check with your CPA, tax preparer or accountant, we are NOT providing tax advice.