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Delete Online Complaints | Online Reputation Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Delete Online Complaints | Online Reputation Management

Delete Online Complaints | Online Reputation Management

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Delete Online Complaints | Online Reputation Management

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  1. Guaranteed Removal

  2. Delete Complaints Guaranteed Removal can delete or remove complaints from a number of websites. When we can accomplish this, it means that the complaints will be removed completely and will no longer appear on the website, or in search engines. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks, and is backed up by our Service Guarantee.

  3. D0 Index Complaints When we can’t delete content right off a website, we look for the next best thing, deleting from the search engines. De-indexing is the process of removing an item, in this case a link, from a list or index, in this case Google’s search index. This means, when we de-index a link for you, it will no longer show up in any Google searches, on any page, for any keyword.

  4. Push Down Complaints We offer a service, called Suppression, to help you to push down or bury your complaints. This service can help you to protect your reputation by pushing stubborn negative content off the first page of Google search results, where it is much less likely to be seen by your prospective clients. While we always suggest deletion or de-indexing when possible, Push Down Services can be quite effective in helping you to repair your reputation when faced with a link that cannot be removed.

  5. Publicity Combating negative content is often the focus of many of our clients. It can be that a single post is having a large impact on public perceptions of your company, as well as on your sales. While removing the negative content can be beneficial, another way to address the problem is to focus on PR.

  6. CONTACT DETAILS 5800 Ambler Drive, Suite 120Mississauga, OntarioL4W 4J4Canada Phone: 1-866-689-2261Fax: 877-414-2205Email: