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  1. Era Holiday Cards Graphic Pictures/Ideas/Site Listing

  2. Resources • Holiday cards became popular during Dickens lifetime. However, they looked quite different from our cards today. • Refer to the following site for information about cards during this era: • David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Pagehttp://www.fidnet.com/~dap1955/dickens

  3. Resources • Use these slides of pictures to create your own version of Victorian Era Holiday cards. • Remember: • Use any graphic picture you choose—you do not have to include all pictures on a slide. • Resize the pictures so they fit the scheme of your card.

  4. To save a picture, right-click on the picture and “Save picture as” on your desktop • OR • Right-click on the picture and “copy” it, then • Right-click on the document where you want the picture and “paste” it. • Resize the picture so it looks the way you desire.

  5. Cameos

  6. Victorian Era Holiday Cards--examples

  7. More examples

  8. Victorianahttp://www.victoriana.com/antiques/greeting-cards/greeting-cards1.htmVictorianahttp://www.victoriana.com/antiques/greeting-cards/greeting-cards1.htm Check out the following sites for more information and graphics: • David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Pagehttp://www.fidnet.com/~dap1955/dickens • Charles Dickens Victorian Web Sitehttp://landow.stg.brown.edu/victorian/dickens/dickensov.html • Victorianahttp://www.victoriana.com/welcome/

  9. Victorian Women Writers Project • http://www.indiana.edu/~letrs/vwwp/

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