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Water Filters

Water Filters

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Water Filters

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  1. Water Filters Before you choose a water filtration system be sure to test your water supply. This can help decipher what specific problems you may have with your water. You can then have a better understanding of what filter products are best for your home. Spring Clear have a range of water filter options be sure to visit us.

  2. Water Filter Options • Faucet-mounted and pitcher filters • These can be used to improve the taste of drinking water and therefore they cannot be relied upon to remove bacteria or small particles. • This is because the filter is not fine enough but it can catch a number of sediments and larger molecules like chlorine.

  3. Water Filter Options • Water softening and water conditioning systems • These are typically used in hard water areas to combat hard water which forms inside property pipes, appliances and fixtures. • Build up of hard water can cause damage and blockages to pipes overtime putting them under immense pressure.

  4. Water Filter Options • Backwashing Filters • These are useful for water that contains high traces of sediments and other particles of fine dirt. • They work to manually screen out these particles. • When the filter becomes clogged with the sediments it is able to pump water back through the filter and wash away the sediment blockage. • Therefore the filter can be reused.

  5. Water Filter Options • Calcite filters and proportional injection systems • These are ideal for areas where the water’s pH is out of balance and is causing corrosion or staining. • These particular filters raise the pH of water as it passes through the filter, the injection system pumps additives directly into the source of water causing the pH to rise.

  6. Water Filter Options • Reverse Osmosis Systems • Created with an extremely fine filter system designed to catch and neutralize a much wider range of particles and microorganisms than basic faucet filters, • As a result it should produce safer drinking water.

  7. Spring Clear • Spring Clear for the last Ten years have been dedicated to the sale of selected high quality Water Filtration products for the Domestic and commercial market. • Be sure to visit us at