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Need to Know When Getting a Dress in China

China is well-known as the “land of cheap custom made clothes”.

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Need to Know When Getting a Dress in China

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  1. Need to Know When Getting a Dress in China • China is well-known as the “land of cheap custom made clothes”. There have lots of people who already made fake custom clothes. Also there are a few general tips when it comes in handling a fabric market. In addition these tips hold true for tailors with their own stores, and even the tailors that make house calls. • If you are first time in handling a certain business, you may consider staying in your shop for the whole day. The majority fabric markets in China have at least a dozen stalls. I constantly recommend talking with numerous vendors to get a general price range, even though the prices they give to you are obviously negotiable. It’s time to pick your fabric when you settled on a particular stall. The regularly low-priced supplies are those fabric bolts lining. See the fabric book if you want to see the different kinds of good supplies. • The negotiating begins after you’ve determined what item(s) you would like to made. It’s a no brainer that the more you buy, the more the vendor will drop the price. It’s very vital to know that less material they use, the more you can use that to your advantage. For example, a short sleeve shirt will cost a bit less than a long sleeve shirt, just as shorts will cost less than pants. While the vendor may protest, saying that the amount of fabric they save by making you a short sleeve chinese shirt doesn’t amount to much, I’ve found that they usually drop the price if you remain firm. • Buttons s a small but important accessory in dress. These tiny items can guarantee you a long-lasting use and can give you an attractive design in your dress. If you are looking to a kind of buttons, be sure to ask particularly for the good one because majority of the stores usually sell a cheap kind of buttons except you request. On the other hand, sometimes some vendors sell buttons in a high amount but if you are going to insist for a low price, vendor can’t do anything but to give your longing. • Usually if you’re going to order a certain items, you are required to pay half of the amount in advanced. In the items that you order (ex.Chinese Fabric) the vendors attach your receipt which include of booth number and the amount that you paid so whatever happen, don’t lose it. • When you are going to buy clothes to a tailoring store, be sure to fit everything first. If the clothes that you want didn’t fit to you exactly, don’t afraid to ask the tailoring shop to fix again the clothes in order to you to fit exactly because this is their responsibility in case it happens. Don’t allow anybody attempt and encourage you that it’s “supposed to” fit that way (like a vendor did to a friend of mine) – if it doesn’t fit, insist that it gets fixed. • Finally, not all tailors are formed equal. Each and every tailor has different level of skills, so if you are a wise buyer, you consider first to shop in each and every store around. If you do this, you will notice that some stores sell in cheaper and some is in higher price. When wearing a chinese dress, be wisely because it reflects the personality you have. • Website : http://www.goodorient.com/ Asia Offices • Beijing, China : (Main Office) • Room 2310, Unit A6, Midtown Building, Guangqujiayuan, Chongwen District, Beijing City, China 100022 Phone: (+86 10) 8751 3441 (international charge) • USA : (Administrative Rep Office) • Monroe Services 2405 W. Atlanta Ct. Broken Arrow, OK (Oklahoma) 74012 United States of America Phone: 1-888-226-4088 (Toll Free) • Email:support_department@goodorient.com

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