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Referencing: a short quiz PowerPoint Presentation
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Referencing: a short quiz

Referencing: a short quiz

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Referencing: a short quiz

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  1. Referencing: a short quiz Nancy Graham Learning Advisor (Medicine) July 2006

  2. Quiz • Please complete this short quiz to test and increase your knowledge of referencing. …Good Luck !!

  3. 10 Why do we need to reference material that we use? • Avoid accusations of plagiarism • Acknowledge others work • Support academic arguments • Prove that you have researched a topic • All of the above

  4. No. 5 is correct It is crucial in academic writing to acknowledge the work of others in support of your argument. Plagiarism is a growing problem in HE and at UoB there are disciplinary procedures for anyone caught plagiarising other people’s work.

  5. 10 Where would you go to find out how to reference correctly? (Please choose two options) • Your tutor • Your school handbook • In the library • Look on the i-cite guide • Download the Preparing and Quoting References guide

  6. No. 4 & 5 are correct There is a specially designed web page on the UoB web site which covers all aspects of referencing: We have also produced a PDF guide on referencing which is available at:

  7. 10 In which case would you need to reference the source of information? • When you copy word for word a paragraph from a journal article/book • When you copy word for word a paragraph from a web site • When you write in your own words ideas from a journal article/book • When you write in your own words ideas from a web site • None of these • All of the above

  8. No. 6 is correct • It is important to acknowledge any other person’s ideas/words that you include in your work, either directly or indirectly. If you do not make reference to someone else’s ideas/work you may be accused of passing it off as your own (plagiarism).

  9. 10 Which style of referencing does the UoB use (except the Med School)? • Harvard • Vancouver • Endnotes • Reference footnotes • Don’t know

  10. No. 1 is correct • The UoB has adopted the Harvard style of referencing, which is the author/date style. The Medical School continues to use the Vancouver, or number, style of referencing.

  11. 10 What are the essential elements of a book reference? • Author’s name and title • Author’s name, title and date • Title, date and publisher • Author name, publication date, title, place of publication and publisher • Don’t know

  12. No. 4 is correct • It is important that you give these required elements about the books we use as this makes it easier for someone to find the edition of the book that you have used.

  13. 10 What are the essential elements of a journal article reference? • Author name and article title • Author name and journal title • Author name, article title and publication date • Author name, article title, journal title, publication date, volume and issue number, inclusive page numbers • Don’t know

  14. No. 4 is correct • It is important to include all of these elements so that someone else can find the article that you have referred to. NB.If you are adding a reference to an electronic journal please refer to the ‘Quoting and Preparing References’ guidelines.

  15. 10 What must you include in a web site reference that is different from other references? (Please choose two options.) • Web site author • Date accessed • Full URL • Don’t know

  16. No. 2 & 3 are correct • Materials on the web may be removed. Including the date that you looked at the website tells other people when the material was available. • Including the full URL will direct other people to the correct web site.

  17. End of the quiz • Thank you for taking part in our referencing quiz. To find out more about referencing correctly please visit: • Download the guide: • Contact your subject librarian: