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We are Unprotected! PowerPoint Presentation
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We are Unprotected!

We are Unprotected!

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We are Unprotected!

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  1. We are Unprotected! High Powered TV & FM Broadcast Radiation on Lookout Mountain By Deb Carney

  2. A glimpse of the future from Lookout Mountain • Presently showing signs that this radiation is hurting our health • Broadcast radiation levels increasing • Nothing our physicians, electrical engineers or scientists say stops the increase • We are unprotected

  3. Ukraine Officials Shocked at RF Radiation! Evidence from Moscow & other community studies suggest that exposure 100 times less than FCC RF limitsmay have long term health effects. Env Health Perspectives 105(s) Dec 1997 Europe reducing RF satellites a much better solution broadcasts digital TV at a small fraction of the power level used here rather than increasing power levels tenfold

  4. Ukraine Protects Residents • Ukraine equivalent to FCC deals with the technical aspects of providing signal and deployment • BUT there is a separate agency that acts to protect health harms.

  5. Radiated Community 9,000 residents “behind” high powered TV/FM Antennas West of Denver -same altitude as main radiation beams -decades of cumulative radiation from continuous exposure

  6. Adverse Health Effects on Lookout at 100 times below FCC standards • High brain tumor rate • White blood cell counts increase with amount of broadcast RF

  7. Brain Tumors Near Lookout Mountain FM/TV Towers • Elevated Brain tumors in residents closest to Lookout Mountain broadcast towers • statistically significant • Every tumor victim in direct line of sight to TV/FM towers • Type of tumors linked to RF exposure in workers • Second audit covering more recent time period found same tumor elevations. • Colorado Department of Health audits 1999 & 2004

  8. “Residents’ T lymphocytes are increasing with increasing amounts of broadcast radiation levels at levels 100 times or more lower than the FCC nonionizing radiation limits.” Murry W. Wynes, PhD Immunology and Microbiology affidavit Biological Response to TV/FM Radiation 100 times lower than FCC limits

  9. Colorado State University and University of WashingtonStudy of 300 Lookout Mountain Residents • Part I Amount RF measured in community, homes and on test subjects • “Radio frequency nonionizing radiation in a community exposed to radio and television broadcasting. “ • Burch JB, Clark M, Yost MG, Fitzpatrick CT, Bach and AM, Ramaprasad J, Reif JS. Environ Health Perspect. 2006 Feb;114(2):248-53 • Part II Biological changes-white blood cells increase with RF • “Human Responses to Residential RF Exposure.” • John S. Reif, James B. Burch, Michael Yost, Annette Bach and, Maggie Clark. August 23, 2005.

  10. Physicians Conclude U.S. RF limits Do Not Protect Us from Long term radiation • Chief Medical Officer of Colorado-Dr. Hoffman • Dr. Johnson, Jefferson County Dept of Health • Cancer Clinicians at Dept of Radiation Oncology of University of Colorado Health Sciences Center • Representative John Witwer, M.D. Radiology • Many other physicians in community

  11. University of Colorado Health Sciences Department of Radiation OncologyPublic Testimony in Jefferson County Hearings We know of no other instance where a device, chemical or drug . . . would be imposed on the public without proof of its safety. “Without proper scientific data, we consider it unconscionable to expose the people of Jefferson Countyto these levels of radiation.”

  12. RF Causing Physicians to Move • Stephen K. Frankel, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine National Jewish Medical and Research Center & University of Colorado Health Sciences Center • Cindy Kelly, MD. Orthopaedic Oncologist

  13. Reported Health Effects • Adult and childhood leukemia • Brain cancer • Infertility • Altered immune function • Neurological and developmental impairment

  14. Vast Increase in Radiated Power in last 2 decades

  15. 6 th Attempt by Mountain Contours/Ch. 20 Owner

  16. Lookout Mountain