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Uncle Truman’s Landscape Plan

Uncle Truman’s Landscape Plan. Webquest using perimeter, area and circumference. By: J Patterson.

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Uncle Truman’s Landscape Plan

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  1. Uncle Truman’s Landscape Plan Webquest using perimeter, area and circumference By: J Patterson

  2. Uncle Truman called again last night to tell your mom how much they are enjoying the new house and to thank you again for all your help in finding the floor covering. He said that the floors are beautiful! The only problem is that Aunt May gets veryupset with him about the amount of mud he tracks in. Maybe waiting for the grass to come back naturally was not such a great idea! He asked if you would help him with his new landscape plan. Of course, your mom said that you’d be happy to help.

  3. Uncle Truman would like your help in figuring out how much sod he will need to lay, and how much fencing he will need. As usual, Uncle T Has already chosen the companies he would like to work with but would like you to help pick out the products and order the materials. You will need to give him an itemized list of the materials to order and the total cost so that he can write the check.

  4. He would like to pay you for your time but doesn’t want to insult you, so he suggested that you come and work with him for a week to put in the fencing and lay the sod and he will pay you $500. He wants you to add this expense to the list of purchases so that he can try to claim it on his income tax. Uncle T hard at work

  5. To do this task you’ll need some measurements and an idea of what Uncle Truman is planning. Uncle has sent along a diagram showing the plans for his yard. He also sent a list of measurements to used as you complete assignment. Uncle T wants to use an online sod company. He has a plan to work out the delivery costs so don’t include them in your accounting.

  6. He also plans to buy vinyl fencing online. He would like traditional a picket fence around the edge of the property. But Aunt May thinks the wrought iron is more suitable. He’ll leave that decision up to you. They both like the idea of a privacy fence to form the pool enclosure. The homestead

  7. Uncle Truman’s Plan flowers flowers fences oak deck pool Sod garage house Drive

  8. Measurements in feet Lot size—110’ X 80’ lot is a perfect rectangle House---26’8” X 40’ Pool enclosure—20’ X 37’ Garage and drive—15’ X 33’ Cut out for the oak tree— circle with radius=5’ Flower gardens—distance from the arc to the corner of the lot is 8’ at any point on the arc.

  9. It looks like you have a big job ahead but don’t panic. Take it one step at a time. Remember to use the formulas for the area of a rectangle and a circle as well as the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle. you can do this!! Hint: it may be necessary to subtract one area from another to determine the amount of sod needed.

  10. Don't Forget !!! To include your $500 in the final price!

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