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PhotoGRAPHIC Angles

PhotoGRAPHIC Angles

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PhotoGRAPHIC Angles

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  1. PhotoGRAPHIC Angles Worm’s Eye View vs. Bird’s Eye View

  2. Camera Angles A Camera Angle is the relationship between the camera and the object being photographed. Different camera angles can give emotional information to an audience, and guide their judgment about the character or object in the photographic shot. The more extreme the angle, the more symbolic and heavily-loaded the shot can be.

  3. Birds Eye View This shows a scene from overhead, a very unnatural and strange angle. Familiar objects such as the umbrellas and crowd viewed from this angle might seem unrecognizable at first. This shot does, however, put the audience in a godlike position, looking down on the action. People can be made to look insignificant, ant-like, or part of a wider scheme of things.

  4. Birds Eye View This picture is a good example of a bird’s eye view. A bird’s eye view is a picture that is taken from above the subject. Thus giving it the effect that it was taken from a birds’ eye. This gave it the name; bird’s eye view. Let’s take a look at some other examples of this camera angle.

  5. Birds Eye View Examples

  6. Birds Eye View Examples

  7. Birds Eye View Examples

  8. Birds Eye View Examples

  9. Birds Eye View Examples

  10. Worm’s Eye View A worm’s eye view is similar to a bird’s eye view despite one large difference. While a bird’s eye view is from above, the worm’s eye view is from below.

  11. Worm’s Eye View Getting down as low as possible when you shoot gives a slightly surreal ‘worm’s-eye view’ of the world. It’s a quick and easy way to liven up your shots of flowers, buildings and even people. You’ll need to lie down for this worm’s eye view technique. Try lying down on your back and shooting upwards.

  12. Worm’s Eye View Examples

  13. Worm’s Eye View Examples

  14. Worm’s Eye View Examples

  15. Worm’s Eye View Examples

  16. Your Assignment • Take 5-6 photos of using a Worm’s Eye View. • Take 5-6 photos of using a Bird’s Eye View • Upload 6 photos 3 Bird’s Eye & 3 Worm’s Eye • DO NOT disturb any classroom activities • Finish the images in Photoshop create at least 2 photos in black & white. • Manipulate the brightness, contrast, colors, levels, etc. • Create compositions that use unique thought and creativity • For close ups change the camera setting to the Flower. • SAVE AS: • Worm’s Eye View 1, 2, 3 • Bird’s Eye View 1, 2, 3