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2012 State and National Issues

2012 State and National Issues. Presented to 64 th FAPT Symposium and Trade Show June 26, 2012 Charlie Hood, Director, School Transportation Florida Department of Education. Florida Department of Education. School Transportation Management. Who Are We, And What Do We Do?. Our Mission….

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2012 State and National Issues

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  1. 2012 State and National Issues Presented to 64th FAPT Symposium and Trade Show June 26, 2012 Charlie Hood, Director, School Transportation Florida Department of Education

  2. Florida Department of Education School Transportation Management Who Are We, And What Do We Do?

  3. Our Mission… • The School Transportation Management Section provides leadership, assistance, and training for school districts and other clients to ensure safe and efficient transportation of Florida's public school students.

  4. Meet The Staff...

  5. Kay Kanupp, Program Specialist • Conducts advanced training classes for school district employees who provide training for new school bus drivers and other school personnel. • Provides training for school district driver instructors and other supervisors in innovative techniques and current topics and teaching methodologies to use in required annual in-service training programs for school bus drivers, including assisting in development and implementation of annual Driver Trainers/Leadership Workshop. • Conducts training of Commercial Driver License master trainers and examiner-trainers. • Evaluates effectiveness of course content and methods of instruction used by school districts in their basic and advanced school bus driver training. • Manages the School Bus Accident reporting system

  6. Terri Egler, Program Specialist • Develops, implements, and monitors the state School Bus purchasing contract. • Oversees administrative aspects of the School Bus Inspector program. • Maintains online inventory database of district school bus information. • Notifies districts of vehicle recalls. • Manages Profiles data collection for Q-Link annual publication.

  7. Jamie Warrington, Program Specialist • Joined STMS in February 2007. • 13 years in school transportation as a bus operator, dispatcher/supervisor and Sr. Supervisor prior to joining STMS • Currently responsible for ESE and Operations technical support and guidance • Coordinator for the school district transportation monitoring program • Manages the School Bus Driver Motor Vehicle Records System, Hazardous Walking Reporting

  8. Katrina Bond, Staff Assistant • Joined STMS in 2001 • Liaison for leave and property • Administer purchase order requisitions • Tracks and prepares all aspects of travel • Provides customer and staff support

  9. 2012 Legislation--Failed • HB 19 and SBs 344, 348- To allow districts to sell advertising space on the exterior of school buses; local policies and safeguards required for size, placement, and appropriate content of ads; recent position papers from FAPT and NASDPTS on their websites • OPPAGA released report in December assessing national data on advertising and charging fees…

  10. 2012 Legislation--Failed • HB 151 and SB 196- To require that all children ages 4 through 7 use a federally approved child safety restraint seat or booster seat in a motor vehicle (school buses exempted)

  11. 2012 Legislation--Failed • SB 250 and HB 269- Would authorize use by school districts of “school bus traffic infraction detectors” to allow photo enforcement of school bus stop law; contains related provisions • HB 187, others- To prohibit motorists, bus operators from using a hand-held cell phone or electronic communications device while driving; to prohibit use of cell phone while driving in a school zone

  12. 2011 Legislation--Passed • HB 1331-Ch. 2011-128 revised Opportunity Scholarship law to allow expansion of parents’ option to choose higher performing schools, with transportation, within the district • SB 1546-Established criteria for high performing charter schools; no apparent references to transportation

  13. 2012 Legislation--Passed • HB 1223, now at Chapter 2012-181-Revised Section 316.183 to allow school buses to travel at posted speed limit (removed 55 mph limit for school buses; effective January 1, 2013)

  14. Opportunity Scholarship Program(OSP) Section 1002.38, Florida Statutes

  15. Eligible School Criteria School grade of “F” or three consecutive “Ds” as based on the statewide assessments conducted pursuant to s. 1008.22, F.S.

  16. Eligible Student Criteria Those students assigned to or in attendance during the previous school year (by way of assignment) at an OSP eligible school

  17. District Obligations Offer parents of affected students the option to enroll in a higher performing public school in their district with transportation or in any other district in the state without transportation * higher performing is “C” or better based on performance grade

  18. District Obligations All parents of affected students in elementary and middle school assigned to or in attendance during the previous school year (by way of assignment) must be notified of the options within 15 days of notification by the Department

  19. District Obligations All parents of affected students in high school assigned to or in attendance during the previous school year (by way of assignment) must be notified of the options no later than 30 days prior to the first day of school the next school year * high school grades are available in late Fall

  20. Opportunity Scholarship Program 2011 133,242 eligible students notified statewide 5,904 eligible students requested and given transfers

  21. Notice Requirements for Opportunity Scholarship Program Rule 6A-6.0950, F.A.C. adopted by State Board of Education, May 2012

  22. Questions about OSP? Contact via email Rachel Somers rachel.somers@fldoe.org or Vicki Maldonado vicki.maldonado@fldoe.org with the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice or via phone at 1-850-245-0502

  23. 2012 Legislation--Passed • Appropriations-Student Transportation was included in overall FEFP again for 2012-13, set at $420,264,335; reduced approx. 15% since 2007-08 • State (now FEFP) reimbursement for student transportation has steadily declined (as proportion of cost) from 66% in 1995 to 43% today…

  24. School Bus Replacement Woes Average Florida bus purchases in last two years about 400 per year Previous “norm” was about 1,200 per year Average age of Florida buses is about 10 years Buses are being retired at 16-20 years…

  25. 2012 Bus Idling Policy Changes • State DEP rule prohibiting excessive idling of heavy duty diesel vehicles, including school buses, was repealed in February 2012 • Rule 6A-3.0171, FAC, however, still requires that districts adopt local idling policies (effective November 25, 2006)

  26. Other Required Local Policies (Chapter 6A-3, FAC): • To prohibit cell phone use by drivers while actively operating the bus • Safe driver plans, including which infractions disqualify a driver • Annual safety instructions/notice for parents and students…

  27. Parent-Student Safety Instructions • Safety instructions must be provided annually, in writing, as required by Rule 6A-3.0121 • DOE’s “Are We There Yet?” brochure can be printed for parents and others • AWTY was updated in 2010 • Available atwww.FAPTFlorida.org, under theManuals and Publicationslink • School startup safety tips on DOE website…

  28. Legislation, Statutes, and Rules • www.leg.state.fl.us (Florida legislative bills and statutes) • www.flrules.org (Florida rules and statutes, especially Chapter 6A-3, FAC, and Sections 1006.21 to 1006.27, and 1012.45, F.S.) • www.regulations.gov (federal rulemaking—dockets and public comments)

  29. Fatalities in 2010-11: • Jefferson, 8/30/10- Bus driver killed when bus ran off road • Leon, 8/31/10- Pedestrian student killed by car as bus approached stop • Palm Beach, 9/8/10- Bicyclist student killed by truck (not school bus related) • Orange, 11/4/10- Ped student killed by hit and run driver (not school bus related)

  30. Fatalities in 2010-11: • Pasco, 2/21/11- SUV driver killed in crash with school bus • Monroe, 4/13/11- Moped driver killed in crash with school bus • Lake, 5/10/11- Student hit, killed at bus stop (bus not present) • Hillsborough, 5/31/11- Sleeping adult backed over and killed by school bus

  31. Fatalities in 2011-12: • Baker, 7/11/11- Pedestrian student killed by car (not school bus related) • Santa Rosa, 11/10/11- Adult SUV driver killed in crash with school bus • Polk, 1/17/12- High school freshman girl died when run over by school bus while walking • Volusia, 2/2/12- High school boy hit by car (not school bus related)

  32. Fatalities in 2011-12: • St. Lucie, 3/26/12- 9-year old, Aaron Beauchamp, died on board bus that was hit by semi-truck • Duval, 5/4/12- 16-year old male student, Jessie Herr, exited emergency door of bus traveling about 40 mph and died later • Duval, 5/11/12- 30-year old bicyclist ran into bus and was killed

  33. Summary (2010-11) • 2 motorists or passengers killed in other vehicles colliding with bus • 1 school bus driver fatality in bus crash • 1 non-student pedestrian fatality when struck by bus • 3 pedestrian and one bicyclist student fatalities (that we were made aware of) where school bus was not involved

  34. Summary (2011-12) 1 SUV driver killed in crash with bus 1 pedestrian student killed when hit by school bus 1 adult bicyclist fatality when struck by bus 2 students killed while riding in school bus (1 jumped from the bus exit door) 2 pedestrian student fatalities (that we were made aware of) where school bus was not involved

  35. Crash Reporting Reminders: • Reporting threshold is $1,000, started 07-08 • DOE is continuing to require that districts reconcile district-reported numbers (DOE system) with police reports (DHSMV system) • DOE receives daily clippings from DHSMV of ALL fatal crashes in Florida

  36. FATAL Crash Reporting • Districts must provide immediate notice of any fatal crash to FDOE as soon as practical • Report by phone call and/or e-mail • Helps district and FDOE answer immediate questions from administrators, media • Info is always treated as preliminary • Not meant as substitute for regular FDOE and police crash reporting

  37. Charter Schools • Now about 500 in Florida; 180K students, and continuing to grow • Districts must ensure charter schools are following laws and rules relating to health and safety • Currently revising Charter Schools Transportation Resource Guide • Spring trainingfor new charter schoolsand districtsheld in May, 2012 in three locations • Charter schools transporting 44K students (about 27% of enrollment, vs. 38% for other schools)

  38. National Congress on School Transportation, May 16-19, 2010 • Purpose was to update the National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures • Florida’s delegation: Mike Connors, Greg Akin, Fred Murphy, Jerry Klein, Tad Kledzik, Bill Schroyer • NSTSP and other info atwww.NCSTOnline.org

  39. www.FloridaSchoolBusSafety.gov

  40. National Poster Contest Winner, German Salazar Seminole County

  41. SESPTC Scholarships • SESPTC awarded two $1,000 scholarships again this year for 2012 -13 college expenses to two graduating Florida high school seniors • Students receiving awards were from Gilchrist and DeSoto (daughter of Charlotte driver) • For next year’s opportunity, contact Charlie.Hood@fldoe.org

  42. Missing Children’s Issue Florida’s Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse Advisory Board continues to coordinate efforts Florida Missing Children’s Day event (fmcdf.org) will be held Monday, September 10, 2012 at the Florida Capitol An award presentation will be made to Florida’s School Bus Operator of the Year FAPT is one of the event sponsors

  43. Issues on the National Radar • NTSB- Recent crash investigation reports on motorcoaches (NTSB cited fatigue, faulty maintenance in several crashes); Gray Summit, Missouri crash • Bullying prevention- USED curriculum; release of movie, “Bully”; news reports • School buses exempted from electronic stability control (ESC) • Bus thermal events

  44. Issues on the National Radar • NTSB- • Gray Summit, Missouri- two persons killed (one in school bus); caused by teen pickup driver texting; several findings relating to lax bus maintenance; need for electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs); changes to school bus emergency window design; driver operational training and procedures; recommended complete ban on use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) by motorists while driving

  45. “Hot Topics” in Yellow World • Transportation Security • Distracted Driving • Drive-bys • FUNDING challenges, service cutbacks, threats to ridership, OLD buses • Records checks; MECs, NRCME

  46. FAPT Website and ListServe • www.FAPTFlorida.org • Calendar of Events • faptgroup@faptflorida.org- Use this address if you want to send email to all FAPT General Members • faptsuppliers@faptflorida.org- for FAPT Supplier Members

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