acid rain n.
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Acid Rain

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Acid Rain

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  1. Acid Rain Global Geography 12 Jan 22, 2006 Becky Herman

  2. *-Acid rain is happening because of industrial power plants in MDC’s. *- We need a lot of fossil fuels and when we use them we use them everywhere; home, work, automobile..etc. *- Huge businesses and corporate buildings will be the ones who benefit. *- There is a lot of environmental concerns, historic buildings are at risk, near one quarter of Sweden's lakes (90 000 lakes total in Sweden) are contaminated.

  3. *- There are other environmental concerns, there are lakes, streams, and trees suffering from acid rain. The fish in the lakes are also suffering. *-More than 300 lakes in Ontario are contaminated. *-People have concerns about acid rain because its taking away from their careers, such as, tree farming and fishing *-regular citizens, industrial leaders and corporations are concerned about this problem.

  4. CAUSES OF ACID RAIN *-The PH in acid rain is lower than normal. Formed when fossil fuels is burned releasing into the air sulphur. *- It is then absorbed by the rain to form sulphuric acid. *-Acid rain is also caused by nitrogen oxides that mix with the rain and falls as nitric acid. *- half of acid rain is caused from road traffic (49%-1994)

  5. IMPACT ACID RAIN HAS ON PEOPLE *-It harms people when they breathe in smog. *-Acid rain can also harm people when they eat fish out of a contaminated lake or river. *-If the water source is acidic enough, it will react with copper and led pipes.

  6. MY OWN OBSERVATIONS!!! *-I believe that people should start using more energy efficient vehicles to help reduce smog. *-I also believe that people should start using wind power and solar power to operate their homes because that also saves on energy and it doesn’t contaminate as many national monuments, humans, lakes, animals,…etc.