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UCSD Central Library

UCSD Central Library

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UCSD Central Library

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  1. Kevin Ha UCSD Central Library

  2. The school is 50 percent Asian, 1 percent black and 13 percent Hispanic, 23 percent White, 4 percent Alien, and 9 percent race unreported. • The school population 24817 undergrads and 24817 degree seekers. • The admit about 42 percent of their students and 92 percent return for their Sophomore year. • The school is located 12 miles from San Diego, and is in a Suburban setting in a larger town on a Residential campus. • First year students are guaranteed On-Campus housing. • There are housing for Coed’s all the way to special housing for international students. Fun Facts • 80 percent admitted had a 3.75 or higher, and 16 percent had a 3.5 to a 3.74 GPA or higher.

  3. Campus Life • It is on a Residential campus, in a Suburban setting. • The certain activities that this school has are such as Jazz band, marching band, Fraternities, Opera, Dance, Film society and many, many more. • They also have some unique facilities such as performing arts centers, nature preserves, center for music experiment, aquarium, the list goes on.

  4. Average Costs • Average Costs - Housing * Average costs for housing either in Apartment or Residence Hall costs around an average of 9,000 dollars to 11,000 in housing alone. - Books * All books and school supplies will cost on average at 500 dollars. - Student * Students are required to get a Tuition and Program Plan, which costs around 12,000 - 14,000. - Classes * Average costs of classes ranges from 5,000 dollars and lower.

  5. Terms [Semester of Quarter System] • Terms • The school uses a Quarter system, where the whole school year is divided into three terms. They are Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. An average quarter lasts around ten weeks, with final exams given in the eleventh weeks. Midterms can be given as early as three weeks into the quarter. • The quarter system moves faster than the semester system.

  6. School Mascot: UCSD Tritons • UCSD Tritons Nickname Origination- Given UC San Diego’s close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and its connections with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the nickname of the Tritons became an appropriate one in 1964. The Triton is described as the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite who is a demigod of the sea with lower part of the body like that of a fish. It is known as a mighty and fierce sea warrior.

  7. Athletics and Art Program • Athletics Program - UCSD sponsors 23 intercollegiate men's and women's sports at the NCAA Division II level. The Tritons compete primarily in California Collegiate Athletic Association, widely regarded as the premiere conference for D-II athletics. UCSD has won a total of 29 national championships, 67 regional titles, and more than 75 conference championships. Arts Program - Include mostly Visual Art Programs. Offers PhD and M.A. degrees in Visual Arts and Master in Fine Arts Program. To receive a degree you need: • Contemporary Critical Issues (VIS 201) • Art Practice Seminar (VIS 202) • Working Critique Seminar (VIS 203) • Introduction to Graduate Studies in Art Practice (VIS 205) • one course in either Art Practice/Theory group or the Art History/Theory/Criticism group • one additional seminar in Art Practice/Theory group (VIS 210-219

  8. Degrees Offered • Types of Degrees Offered at UC San Diego: • Anthropology x4 • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering x4 • Bioengineering x4 • Music x3 • Biological Science x8 • Nanoengineering and Philosophy x1 • Chemistry and Biochemistry x10 • Physics x8 • Political Science x7 • Cognitive Science x6 • And etc., etc., and that’s just Undergraduate Degrees! • - UCSD gives Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, M.Ds, and many more types of degrees listed.

  9. Programs Known For. . . • UCSD Programs Known For • - The University of California, San Diego (“UC San Diego”) is a public research university. This school was founded in 1960 and is one of 10 campuses that form the University of California. It is well known for its research activities and received $714 million in funding for 2006-2007. The campus is located in a suburban area (La Jolla). • UC San Diego has a large student body made up of approximately 22,700 undergraduates and 4,800 graduate students. There are 1,470 faculty members and the student-to-teacher ratio is 26:1. The University is known for its Biochemistry, Biology, Economics, Management, and Psychology programs. UC San Diego