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Social News

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  1. Social News Name : JATIN V KAPIL

  2. Heat wave sweeps north India

  3. HINDUSTAN TIMES NEW DELHI 12TH APRIL:- New Delhi recorded the highest temperature this summer with the maximum rising to 41.6°C. The minimum also touched this month's high at 24.4°C, four degrees above normal. The maximum crossed the 40-degree mark two days ago when it touched 40.1°C. On Saturday, the city recorded a high of 40.5°C. In Rajasthan, Ganganagar sizzled at 44.8°C, followed by Churu 43.3°C, Kota 42.3°C, Jodhpur 40.6°C, Jaisalmer 40.5°C and Balmer 40.2°C. In Punjab and Haryana too, most parts recorded temperatures above the 40-degree mark. Hisar was hottest in the region with a maximum temperature of 44.3°C , eight notches above normal, while the high in Patiala settled at 41.6°C, seven degrees above normal, and Karnal 41°C. Elsewhere, Ambala recorded a maximum temperature of 40.8°C followed by Ludhiana 40.6°C, Amritsar 40.2°C and Chandigarh 39.8°C.

  4. In Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu endured a hot day, recording a high of 39.5°C, seven notches above normal. The night temperature in the ‘City of Temples’ was also two degrees above normal at 22.4°C. Himachal Pradesh experienced a warm weather with Una recording a high of 41°C, Sundernagar 37.4°C and Bhuntar 35.7°C. Capital Shimla recorded a maximum temperature of 27.8°C and a minimum of 17.3°C. Uttarakhand too experienced hot conditions with its capital, Dehra Dun recording a maximum temperature of 38.3°C, the highest this season.

  5. Some facts North India has recorded the maximum temperature in last 52 years in the month of april. Power cuts are the biggest problem coming in daily life. One tip for you all drink as much water as you can to prevent dehydration.


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