imperfecto de subjuntivo n.
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Imperfecto de Subjuntivo

Imperfecto de Subjuntivo

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Imperfecto de Subjuntivo

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  1. Imperfecto de Subjuntivo Para el fin de esta leccíon, se puede: • Conjugar usando imperfecto de subjuntivo • Conocer los usos del imperfecto de subjuntivo • Aplicar tu entendimiento para practicar los conjugaciones

  2. Before you start this lesson you will need the graphic organizer to take notes on before beginning the lesson.The layout is on the following slide!

  3. Imperfecto de Subjuntivo Are there irregulars? No Yes Stem changers? No Yes How to Form: 1. 2. 3. Uses: Endings: -AR/IR/ER Alternate conjugations: Examples:

  4. This video explains how to form the imperfect subjunctive for both –ra and –se endings:

  5. Imperfecto de Subjuntivo Endings: No irregulars! To form: • Take third person plural form of preterite • Drop the –on • Add new ending No stem-changers! -se endings:

  6. Example Comer • Third person plural form: Comieron • Drop the –on: Comier- • Add new ending Comer conjugations: comieracomieramos comieras comieracomieran

  7. Uses -used in situations where subjunctive is used, but past tense 1) Noun clauses: WEIRDO (wishes, emotion, impersonal observations, reccomendations, doubt, Ojalá) but in past tense Ex: Yo quería que él hiciera su tarea. I wanted him to do his homework. 2) Independent clause refers to previous occurence. It expresses current emotions or doubts about something that happened in the past. Ex: Es bueno que lo terminamos antes de que llegaran a casa. It is good we finished it before we got home. 3) Unlikely events – things that will not or will likely not happen Ex: Ojalá mi hermana se casara. I wish my sister would get married. 4) If clauses- supports an independent clause that introduces a dependent clause. Ex: Si yo fuera rica, viajaría por todo el mundo. If I were rich, I would travel the world. 5) Formal request- make polite suggestion or request Ex: ¿Pudiera ayudarnos? Could you help us?

  8. Practice saliera 1) Yo quería a mi hermano que ________. (salir) 2) No me parece que el examen ________ largo. (ser) 3) Ojalá ____________ nevando en Texas. (estar) 4) Si yo te __________,lloraría. (perder) 5) El médico me recomendó que me ________ un especialista. 6) Ojalá que ________este julio en Florida. (nevar) fuera estuviera perdiera viera nevara

  9. Ahorapractiquemos!!Click the link below and practice conjugating