global warming n.
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Global Warming PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Warming

Global Warming

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Global Warming

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  1. Global Warming Sarah Jalal

  2. What Is Global Warming?

  3. Percentage of CO2 in the Atmosphere This graph shows the percentage of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. It shows clearly that the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased over the years and started increasing rapidly starting from the 1850’s which is right after the industrial revolution, when our use of machines and carbon dioxide grew

  4. Global Average Temperature oC This graph shows the average temperature over the years. It’s clear that the temperature has been and still is rising due to global warming. Between the 1950’s and 2000’s the global temperature has increased rapidly clearly with the increase of our use of carbons.

  5. Metric Tons of Carbon Over Years This is a graph that shows our use of types of carbons in billions over the years. The industrial revolution was between 1750-1850. The graph shows clearly that our use of carbons started growing after the industrial revolution and it grew rapidly between the 1950’s and the 2000’s

  6. Greenhouse Effect? The picture on the right along with the text below it explain perfectly. The yellow arrow represent the sun’s rays or the heat. Number 1 in the picture is showing the sun’s rays entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Number 2 in the picture is showing the heat (the yellow arrow) reflecting back from the earth’s atmosphere, but –continuing into number 3- the gas doesn’t reflect completely as it cannot leave the earth’s atmosphere. The heat gets absorbed by carbon dioxide –which is greenhouse gas- which results in the heat being trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. Finally number four is saying that all of this result in the Earth becoming hotter.

  7. Example of Effects These two pictures show The Triftgletscher Glacier in 2002 then 2003. They show that as the glacier keeps melting, the level of the water keeps rising. This is just one of Global Warming’s effects.

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