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Global warming

What is the global warming?

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Global warming

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  1. What is the global warming? The term of global warming was invented by ( s) scientist called VantyArenuse in 1896. Arenuse said that “the burning of fossil fuel could case increasing in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which will .”case increasing in the earth's temperature Global warming

  2. *Increasing of some harmful gases which result from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation *Natural reasons: a) Volcanoes. b) Forest fires d) Organic Pollutants. Artificial reasons: * Human activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere like CO2, methane, CFCs and nitrous oxide. * What are the reasons of global warming?

  3. *greenhouse gases: Greenhouse gases include many gasses like: * Water vapor (H2O) *carbon dioxide (CO2) *nitric oxide (NO2) *methane (CH4) *ozone (O3) *chlorofluorocarbons (FCs)

  4. *Ice fluxing that happens in frozen area *Floods with its consequences *Hurricanes and tempests with its negative sequels *The drought *plants and animals are not able to adapt to new circumstances will be vulnerable to extinction. THE EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING

  5. Global warming has become the most serious problems in our world nowadays. The only solutions is well known around among people is to decreased human activities . The solutions of global warming

  6. Discuss another terms of global warming ? Discuss another causes of global warming? What are other effects of global warming? Suggest some solutions of global warming? SOME QUESTIONS TO DISCUSS

  7. Discuss this chart ?

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