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Word Choice

Word Choice. Tough Boris Written by Mem Fox Lesson adapted from : http://writingfix.com/Picture_Book_Prompts/toughboris3.htm. Alisha Deleon-Guerrero. Purpose. EALRs. Students will notice strong word choice ( specifically adjectives) in a published piece of text .

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Word Choice

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  1. Word Choice Tough Boris Written by Mem Fox Lessonadaptedfrom: http://writingfix.com/Picture_Book_Prompts/toughboris3.htm Alisha Deleon-Guerrero

  2. Purpose EALRs • Studentswill notice strongwordchoice (specifically adjectives) in a publishedpiece of text. • Studentswillwriteusingtheirchoice of strong adjectives. • 3.1.1 Analyzes ideas, selects topic, adds detail, and elaborates. • 3.2.2 Uses a variety of words.

  3. MaterialsNeeded: • Tough Boris by Mem Fox • Worksheets • Chartpaper • Chart markers • Studentwritingpaper • Student’spreviouswriting (optional) Please note: In a primaryclassroom, thislessonwouldspanseveraldays.

  4. LessonSteps • It ispreferable to have alreadyreadTough Boris as a fun readaloud. If not, readitnow and enjoyit for the fun book thatitis. Especially notice the pictures and how itaddsmeaning to the story. • On chartpaper, write “pirate″ in the center of a brainstorming web. Elicit adjectives from the book to write down in the clusters. • Discuss how the adjectives help the readersee Boris.

  5. 4. As a class, write a paragraphdescribing Boris fromanotherpirate’s point-of-viewusing all the adjectives in the clusters. 5. In partners, have students write a paragraph about Boris from the stow-a-way’s point-of-view. Require students to use five orsix adjectives that are written on the chartpaper. Have them imagine thatitis the first time they have everseen the pirate. 6. If studentsneedadditional practice, have themwrite a paragraphfrom the parrot’s point-of-view.

  6. In partners or individually, have studentsfill out theirownclusters on a characterthey are currentlywriting about or want to write about. Use the adjectives helperif needed. • Have studentswrite a paragraph on the charactertheydid the cluster on. • On the followingdays, have students finish a peice on the character. Possiblitiesinclude (but are not limited to):

  7. Assessment • Onlywordchoice (specifically adjectives) isassessed on thispiece. • First studentswillassessthemselvesusing a class-made rubric or post-it notes. • Allowrevision. Teachrevision techniques if applicable. • Allowclassmates to assessusing the sameassessmenttool, or collect and do a final assessment as the instuctor.

  8. Adaptations For studentswho are more capable: • Evaluatewordchoicewritten by otherstudentsbeforewritingindividualtext. • 7th grade writers • 11th grade writers • Askstudents to pull a character out of textthey have alreadywritten. Have themwrite a description of the character and reinsertitintotheirtext. • Have studentsdescribe a characterdifferently by using multiple points-of-view. For studentswho are less capable: • Have more practice sessions creating descriptive characterswhole group. • Allowstudents to write about charactersfrompicture books ratherthancharactersthey have createdthemselves. • Allowstudents to always have a choice of workingwith a partner. • Allow more time to talk about wordchoice and variouswordswithpartners, small-groups or whole class.

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