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How to Style and Protect Your Hair in the Summertime PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Style and Protect Your Hair in the Summertime

How to Style and Protect Your Hair in the Summertime

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How to Style and Protect Your Hair in the Summertime

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  1. How to Style and Protect Your Hair in the Summertime Anyone who’s ever experience an Aussie summer knows that something funny seems to happen to just about everyone in those months. Our heads fill up with the beach, with mangos, with cricket and, generally, getting outdoors. It’s only a matter of weeks until summer arrives, and the warmer weather is already here, promising a scorching few months. Taking care of yourself in this time is important, and that includes protecting your hair. In this blog, we’re run through both styling tips for the summertime, as well as how you can protect yourself, and guard against hair loss. Styling: Go Short When it comes to styling in the warmer months, most men favour shorter haircuts, and for good reason! Longer hair can leave you feeling a little overheated on days when the mercury rises, but a shorter cut makes it easier to cool off. Shorter hair also means a more ‘hands off’ approach to styling, which has a few nice benefits: 1.You don’t need to spend much time styling hair 2.Styles won’t flag in the heat 3.Wet hair, emerging from the beach or pool, still looks great

  2. For anyone dealing with thinning hair, a shorter style is great. The shortness of hair reduces the look of thinning, so the impact doesn’t seem so severe. Protect Your Scalp The well-worn message of slip-slop-slap is one that has been drummed into most people during the summertime, which is a good thing. When you’re out and about this summer, be sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed skin. For anyone already experiencing, this will include parts of the head. Don’t forget the ‘slap’ part of the mantra, either –that’s ‘slap’ on a hat, to protect skin from the sun. This also protects your hair; like any part of the body, too much sun exposure is not recommended. Keeping your scalp and hair protected is essential, especially if you’re pursuing a hair loss treatment!

  3. Keep up the Routine Shampooing and conditioning hair remains important in the summertime, due to a number of factors. First, there’s the issue of sweat, and the fact that you’re probably sweating a lot more than usual in the heat, including on your scalp. Regular washing of hair will clean this away, and leave your scalp refreshed. Then, there are the activities most people will be participating in throughout the months: swimming. Pool chemicals and saltwater both have a habit of remaining in the hair, making it feel less than its best. Shampoo and conditioner will help keep hair in the best shape possible, which doesn’t include the feel or smell of chlorine! Visit our Blog for more interesting articles on Hair Loss related issues.