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  1. OBSERVER TRAINING 觀察員培訓 An Overview of King County Elections Processes 景郡選舉程序簡介 & 與 Observer Training Guidelines 觀察員培訓指引 King County Records, Elections and Licensing Services Division 景郡記錄,選舉及牌照服務部 Dean Logan, Director 駱其典,處長September 2005 二零零五年九月

  2. Facts about King County Elections • 1 million plus active registered voters超越一百多萬名活躍登記選民 • 2,573 voting precincts二千五百七十三個投選區 • 527 polling locations五百二十七個投票站 • 583,765 permanent absentee voters五十八萬三千七百六十五名缺席郵寄選民 • 6,400 military and overseas ballots issued to more than 64 countries寄發出六千四百份軍人及海外選票至六十四個不同的國家 • 4,150 out-of-state ballots issued 寄發四千一百五十份州外選票 • Multiple ballot formats required不同進票版本的需求 • Regular ballots常規選票 • Chinese-language ballots中文選票 • Provisional ballots臨時選票 • Chinese-language provisional ballots中文臨時選票 • Absentee ballots缺席/郵寄選票 • Chinese-language absentee ballots中文缺席/郵寄選票 • Five working locations 五個辨公所 • Admin Building – 5th Floor行政大樓 – 五樓 • Admin Building – 2nd Floor行政大樓 – 二樓 • Mail Ballot Operations Satellite郵寄選票處理中心 • Election Distribution Center選舉發配中心 • Bank of America Tower – 20th Floor美國銀行樓塔 – 二十樓 • Seeking additional leased space物色其它可被租賃的辦公場地 • Multiple external review processes受多方面不同的核查程序 • Independent Elections Task Force獨立選舉審核特務組 • Citizens’ Election Oversight Committee選舉市民監督委員會 • Independent Council Audit獨立議會審核 • Outside Personnel Investigator人事僱聘外界偵查員 • Average six elections per year每年平均舉辨六個選舉

  3. Management & Organization Tabulation System Election Management System Technology Projects Web Master Candidate Filing Minority Language Program Training & Recruitment Poll Workers Canvassing Troubleshooters Voter Registration Records Maintenance including: New Voter Registrations, Cancellations, Name/Address Changes; Absentee Ballot Request Processing; Provisional Ballot Processing Petition/Initiative Checking Phone Bank & Customer Service Absentee Ballot Insertion Election Distribution Center Poll Site Leases Ballot Layout & Printing Logic & Accuracy Testing We value all members of our organization for all are equally important.

  4. Election Operations 選舉運作 CONTACT INFORMATION聯絡資訊: Julie Moore 麥註理 Assistant Superintendent 副總監 電話 (206) 296-1565 電郵 SERVICE OVERVIEW : 服務範圍簡介: • Candidate Filing候選人提名申報 • Minority Language Program少數語文計劃 • Poll Worker Recruitment and Training招募及培訓投票站 • Canvassing 審核選票及點算結果 • Troubleshooting 解決疑難 • Election Day Support (Help Desk) 選舉日支持輔助 LOCATION(S) 地點: King County Administration Building 景郡行政大樓 500 4th Avenue, #553 室 Seattle 西雅圖市, WA 華州 郵政編號 98104 HOURS OF OPERATION 辦公時間: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 上午八時三十分至下午四時三十分

  5. Mail Ballot Processing and Delivery 郵寄選票處理及派發 HOURS OF OPERATION 辦公時間: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 上午八時三十分至下午四時三十分 SERVICE OVERVIEW 服務範圍簡介: • Absentee Ballot Processing處理缺席郵寄選票 • Election Distribution Center選舉發配中心 • Poll Site Leasing租債投票站 • Ballot Layout and Printing選票版本設計及印製 • Logic and Accuracy Testing邏輯及準確性測試 • Ballot Tabulation點算選票 LOCATION(S) 辦公地點: Mail Ballot Operations Satellite (MBOS) 郵寄選票處理中心 (MBOS) 3901 1st Avenue South 3901南第一街 Seattle 西雅圖市, WA 華州 郵政編號 98104 Elections Distribution Center (EDC) 選舉發配中心 (EDC) 1215 East Fir Street Seattle 西雅圖市, WA 華州 郵政編號 98122 CONTACT INFORMATION聯絡資訊: Garth Fell 費嘉義 Assistant Superintendent 副總監 電話 (206) 205-1015 電郵

  6. Voter Services SERVICE OVERVIEW 服務範圍簡介: • Voter Registration records processing and maintenance;維持及處理選民登記記錄 • Absentee Ballot Request processing;處理索取缺席/郵寄選票的要求 • Provisional Ballot processing處理臨時選票 • Petition/Initiative Checking查核請願及動議案選民合法簽名 • Election Customer Service選舉客務服務 • Staffing telephone service line 296-VOTE電話服務人事分配 296-8683 • Opening/distribution on incoming Election mail 開啟及分派寄至選舉部的來信 LOCATION(S) 地點: King County Administration Building 景郡行政大樓 500 4th Avenue, #553 室 Seattle 西雅圖市, WA 華州 郵政編號 98104 HOURS OF OPERATION 辦公時間: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 上午八時三十分至下午四時三十分 CONTACT INFORMATION聯絡資訊: Anne Bruskland Acting Assistant Superintendent 替代副總監 電話 (206) 205-7362 電郵

  7. Observer Overview 觀察員簡介 • The requirement for official observers of the election process is grounded in state law. 選舉程序官方指定觀察員的規限是依按州例執行。 • King County Elections strives to conduct elections as expeditiously and impartially as possible. Towards that end, all activities will be conducted as open and visible as possible to all concerned.舉行選舉,景郡選舉部是盡其所能快捷及公正地執行及實施其程序。以此為目的 ,所有工作活動皆公開予有關人士觀看。 • While the vote itself is secret, the process of conducting an Election is not. 雖然選票上的抉擇須保密,但選舉過程是公開的。 • Observers have the right to witness all aspects of the Election process. 觀察員有權見證選舉上的每一過程。 • Observers play a key role in ensuring the electoral process is transparent and accountable.為確保選舉過程是公開地及盡責地施行,觀察員擔當一份非常重要的角色。

  8. Types of Observers 各種觀察員 • Public Observers公共觀察員 • Party Observers政黨觀察員 • Media Observers傳播媒介觀察員 • Poll Watchers投票站觀察員

  9. Types of Observers 各種觀察員 Public Observers 公共觀察員 • The general public may observe the election process and will be permitted to do so provided there is room for the person to observe the process and it does not unduly interfere with the election process.民眾皆可觀察選舉的過程。如有空間及不干擾選舉過程,欲觀察的人士皆可獲批準觀望該過程。

  10. Types of Observers 各種觀察員 Party Observers (paid & volunteer) 政黨觀察員(受薪及義務) • Person(s) nominated and assigned by the chair of the King County major political party central committees or designees to observe the election process or a particular function in the election process. 受景郡主要政黨中央委員會或其指定的替代人士提名及被派觀察選舉過程或其中的某一特別措施的觀察員。

  11. Types of Observers 各種觀察員 Media Observers傳媒觀察員 • People who represent accredited news media, both print, audio and television.代表各認許有資格的新聞傳媒,包括印刷,播音及電視。

  12. Types of Observers 各種觀察員 Poll Watchers投票站觀察員 • Anyone may watch and observe the voting process during voting hours and while the polls are being closed. Poll watchers and observers are asked to check in with the Inspector upon arrival at a polling location.任何人皆可觀望/觀察投票時的過程及投票站關閉時的結算程序。到達投 票站時,觀察員需向投票站督察報到。 • Official Poll Watchers must be designated by a campaign director and authorized by the King County Records, Elections, and Licensing Services, (REALS) Director.須由競選活動的主任指派及景郡記錄,選舉,及牌照服務(REALS)處長授 權方能成為官方認許的投票站觀察員。

  13. General Observer Guidelines 觀察員輔導指引 • The observer has the right to observe all aspects of the Election process.觀察員有權觀察選上每一過程 • As an observer, you are permitted to observe:觀察員可觀察: Candidate filing候選人提名申報Ballot duplication複印選票Ballot printing 選票印刷過程Ballot tabulation點算選票Ballot assembly選票排製過程Storage of ballots存放選票Logic & Accuracy testing邏輯及準確性測試Provisional ballot processing臨時選票處理Signature verification 簽名確證過程 Ballot opening & inspection 開啟及驗明選票Ballot reconciliation 選票結算過程 Canvass Board proceedings 選舉審核委員會議程

  14. Rules for Public Election Observing 選舉觀察員規則指引 By law, observers may not touch ballots, ballot containers, or vote tallying equipment. Please remember this while observing election activities.在觀察選舉程序時,請勿忘記,按法律,觀察員不能觸摸選票,或容載選票的器皿, 或點數選票的器材。 As an observer, you are expected to remain objective and independent from King County Elections. Please refrain from any actions which may jeopardize this status or appear as a conflict of interest.作為觀察員,對景郡選舉部,你須保持客觀及獨立 。請勿採取任何可危及閣下的獨立客觀地位,及進行任何可被視為有利害抵觸的行為。 Due to time constraints and the critical nature of our job, we cannot allow workers to be disrupted. Please help us maintain a work environment free of distractions so that everyone can concentrate on their current task. This does not include speaking to members of the Election Supervisory team or the Staff/Observer Liaison--part of their job is to answer your questions.因時間上的限制及選舉工作的重要性,我們不能容許工作人員受干擾。請協助保持一個不會分散工作人員心神的工作環景,使每人在工作上皆能集中精神。但此不包括向選舉部管理級人員或向職員/觀察員的聯絡專員發問--回答你們的問題是他們工作的一部份。 King County Elections' officials will make every effort to be hospitable to observers and assist you in understanding the operations you are observing.景郡選舉官員將會盡其所能有禮接待觀察員,並盡量協助閣下明白所觀察的運作及措施。 Open food and beverage containers are prohibited in the observation areas.在受觀察的場地,嚴禁帶入包裝已被打開的食物及飲品。 Video taping and use of cellular phones or other wireless communication is prohibited.嚴禁錄影,或採用無線電話及其它無線傳播器材或媒體。 (Reference: King County Elections, Policies and Procedures ELE 9-40 (DP) 6.7)(參考資材:景郡選舉,政策及運作程序 ELE 第9-40 (DP) 6.7章節)

  15. Public Observer Process 公開觀察程序 • Checking In 報到: • Check-in with Election Staff at your assigned site and sign Check-in Log.在被分派到的辦公所與選舉職員報到,及簽名在報到名冊上。 • Read, sign and date the provided copy of “Affidavit of Acknowledgement, Rules for Public Observers” form.閱讀提供予閣下的 “公認誓詞,公開觀察規例” 表格,並在表上簽名及註明日期。 • Wear the “Observer” badge at all times, while observing.在全個觀察過程當中,請載上頒發與閣下的 “觀察員” 證章。 • Follow Rules for Public Observing at all times.在全部觀察過程中,請遵守公開觀察規例。 • Observing 觀察: • Assigned election staff will provide an overview of the process you are observing.觀察時,指定的選舉職員將會簡單給閣下介紹你觀察的程序。 • When possible, a chair will be provided for observers if they intend to observe more than 30 minutes to an hour.如觀察員逗留三十分鐘至一小時以上,在可能的情況下,選舉部會提供一張椅予觀察員應用。 • Checking Out 離開: • Check-out and return badge at check-in area at end of your observation period.觀察完畢,請在名冊上簽名,並交回發予的觀察員證章。

  16. Hand-outs and additional materials 其它派發的資料 • 2005 Observer Opportunities二零零五年的觀察機會 • Rules For Public Election Observing選舉公開觀察規例 • Affidavit of Acknowledgement公認誓詞 • An Observers Guide- Washington State Elections華盛頓州選舉 – 觀察員指南

  17. Observer Q & A 觀察員的問與答 • Thank you for being part of the election process in King County!多謝閣下是景郡選舉程序上的一重要份子! • Questions?有不明及需諮詢的問題?