the world is flat part 2 n.
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The World is Flat Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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The World is Flat Part 2

The World is Flat Part 2

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The World is Flat Part 2

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  1. The World is FlatPart 2 Presented by Marcus Robertson

  2. Flattener #1 • 11/9/89 The New Age of Creativity: When the Walls Came Down and the Windows Went up Flattener #2 • 8/9/95 The New Age of Connectivity: When the Web Went Around and Netscape Went Public Flattener #3 • Work Flow Software

  3. “It is the creation of this platform, with these unique attributes, that is the truly important sustainable breakthrough that made what you call the flattening of the world possible” - Craig Mundie, Microsoft “We were not just communicating with each other more than ever, we were now able to collaborate- to build coalitions, projects, and products together-more than ever” - Joel Cawley, IBM strategist

  4. Flattener #4 Uploading Harnessing the Power of Communities • Blogging • Wikipedia • Podcasting

  5. Community Developed Software (aka “open-source” community) • Source Code- the underlying programming instructions that make a piece of software work • “Intellectual Commons Community-” anyone in the community may use the source code as the foundation for a commercial product • “Free Software Community-” if you build and distribute and derivative product on the shoulders of community-developed free software code, contribute your innovation back to the community

  6. Apache (APAtCHy) • Brian Behlendorf • Web server- a software program that enables anyone to use his or her home or office computer to host a web site on the World Wide Web Linux • Linus Torvalds The Mozilla Foundation • Firefox

  7. Blogging • One-person online commentators • Your own personal soapbox Podcasting • The audio version of blogging • Involve individuals and companies producing their own audio and video files YouTube • “Video blogging” Wikipedia (“the people’s encyclopedia”) • User-contributed online encyclopedia

  8. “Uploading is the architecture of participation” -Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media “Of all the ten forces flattening the world, uploading has the potential to be the most disruptive”

  9. Flattener #5 Outsourcing (Y2K) • taking some specific, but limited function that your company was doing in-house and having another company perform the exact same function for you and then reintegrating their work back into your overall operation

  10. Flattener #6 Offshoring Running with Gazelles, Eating with Lions • When a company takes one of its factories that is operating in Canton, Ohio, and moves the whole factory offshore to Canton, China

  11. China’s entrance in the World Trade Organization (WTO) Sold in China Made in China Designed in China Dreamed up in China

  12. Flattener #7 Supply-Chaining Eating Sushi in Arkansas • a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer

  13. Global optimization- balancing out all of the factors to get the most reliable, low-cost delivery system in place • Coordinating disruption-prone supply with hard-to-predict demand • Wal-Mart

  14. Flattener #8 Insourcing What the Guys in Funny Brown Shorts are Really Doing • the cessation by a company of contracting a business function and the commencement of performing it internally (the opposite of outsourcing) • UPS