decorate your home with art n.
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Decorate your Home with Art PowerPoint Presentation
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Decorate your Home with Art

Decorate your Home with Art

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Decorate your Home with Art

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  1. Decorate your Home with Art

  2. ➢ Dynamic Work Preferable: A piece of art can give a room or rooms with a sense of music, rhythm and dynamism such as when the lines in a painting are used to direct where the viewers eyes go. Another great way to create dynamism is by choosing an element in the artwork for example implied movement and mirror that aspect in the choice of furniture or other decor elements in the room. Creating dynamism also involves the various choice of elements that can easily draw human eyes around the space connected in the same manner with the beautification of art.

  3. ➢Colour Blast: We usually often struggle in decorating our bedroom. So here is a great way to set a decor style for a space is to pick a painting we absolutely love and the design with a colour palette around it. A bold painting that draws the eye and would be a perfect choice for an experiment like this. Whether one can choose the hues of the same colour for both of our walls and artwork colour can completely transform a space. Another way to use the colour is to use artworks to inject bright pops of colour in a room with white or light shade neutral colour toned upon decor that fancied the room well.

  4. ➢ Flash of Texture: The gradients and artworks can lead themselves to build dynamic and enthusiastic look in an otherwise staid office space or to be used to pull together a room’s diverse elements. For instance the shapes in the painting can pick up the similar patterns on the sofa or the other decors of the room. Texture is often said the captivating visual language that can be used to revolutionise the design language of a room. So let’s our imagination feels free to play with the texture patterns of the wall.

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