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Decorate your home with personalize gifts. PowerPoint Presentation
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Decorate your home with personalize gifts.

Decorate your home with personalize gifts.

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Decorate your home with personalize gifts.

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  1. Turn Photos into Unique personalized gifts We know you’ve got loads of great pictures accumulating in the cloud somewhere; now’s the time to get them off your computer and into the real world. Yes! A real family photo (or pillow, necklace or even sock) for the house—not just on your social media feed. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday photo gifts for grandparents or something special to give your spouse, here are the most unique personalized photo gifts to give this holiday season.

  2. Make a Mermaid Pillow Even Better As if putting your photo on a pillow isn't cool enough, now you can print your photo onto reversible mermaid sequins!

  3. Digital Photo Frame The perfect personalized photo gift for grandparents, this digital photo frame—which made picture of you and your kids without the need to navigate your social media pages. It's a win-win. Looking for a lower-cost option? Try the paper plane design’s Advance Digital Photo Frame, which was rated a "great bargain" by khirki Guide.

  4. Photo Locket/keychain The artist can transfer a photo directly onto the metal. The transfer process even allows some of the metal to merge with the photo, leaving your locket with a vintage look. You also have the option of displaying only photographs, a message of your choice or a combination of both.

  5. Rustic Wood Photo Photos are transferred just enough to display the picture but also let the natural patterns of the wood shine through—every printing is unique. Pictures can also include a mounted rope or hooks for hanging.

  6. Picture Puzzle Turn your favorite family photo into one of our picks for personalized photo gifts that'll stick around for years to come. Choose a puzzle size ranging from 40 pieces to 1000 pieces, and wait 10 days—that's it!

  7. Simple With a Framed Photo Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mom, your husband, or your best friend—everybody loves a nice, framed photo. This app (and website) lets you test out how various frames look with your photos before you buy. Plus, frames are handmade in the khirki and start at RS 999.