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Explore India

Explore India

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Explore India

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  1. Explore India By Mrs. Tecza’s 2nd Grade Class

  2. Table of Contents • Map • Weather • Government • Language • Technology • Celebrations • Entertainment

  3. Map India is a country on the continent of Asia. India is a peninsula which means it has three sides of water. India has lots of water around it. India has lots of grass. The highest mountain is in India. By Rosa, Launa and Colby New Delhi is the capital of India.

  4. Weather India is a very hot country. India’s summer lasts 8 months. Summer in India is a hot time of year and can be hard to get through. India hardly gets rain in summer. The temperature in the summer can get as high as 104 ̊F. By Tierra, Kyndall and Hector India’s summers are very hot.

  5. Government India’s government is similar to the United States government. They vote just like us in the U.S. They have a prime minister instead of a president. They get to be prime minister for five years instead of four years. India’s government is called the federal republic. India’s government has up to 795 members. This number is 260 more than the U.S. congress which has 535 members. The prime minister of India is Dr. ManmonanSingh. By Nathan, Lizzy and Alex

  6. Language There are many different languages in India. In New Delhi they speak Punjabi, Hindi and English. The main language is Hindi but many people also speak English. Other languages they speak is Pahari and Tamil. Some of the Hindi words are Namaste and case ho ape namaste which means hello and how are you. By Mikayla, Sana and Natalya A map of the different languages in India.

  7. Technology India has a lot of the same technology as the USA. India’s most popular technology is the I phone just like the USA. India has the same technology such as computers, washing machines, and TVs. India gets the same technology as us about two months after us. TV is very popular in India, but not as popular as the I phone. By Haley, Joshua and Ryan A map of India on a Iphone.

  8. Celebrations There are many different celebrations in India. India has a 3 day festival called Pongal. People spray colorful dust on each other to celebrate Holi. Diwali is the most popular holiday in India. India celebrates Independence day on August 15. By Sean, Saadhvika and Keyshaun People spraying colorful dust to celebrate Holi.

  9. Entertainment There are many different things to do in India. There are many movies people in India watch like Disney movies and India movies. People in India play many instruments like cymbals, sitar, tabla. They also like chess and Parcheesi, cricket, kabaddi. By Kyle and Mirabella A man playing cricket in India.

  10. Bibliography Interview: India – DivyaRanaBatra Guide to India by Brian Williams India: A Question and Answer Book by Nathan Olson Countries Around the World: India by Ali BrownlieBojang Inside India: Prodeepta Das Countries of the World by Keith Lye Harvest by Lois Markham Look What Came from India by Miles Harvey

  11. Glossary continent – A continent is a big place with lots of states and countries government – the administration of a country, state, or organization. independence- to be free language – The speech used in one country or group of people as in the indian language sitar – A stringed instruments of India made of seasoned gourds and have a track of 20 movale frets with bor 7 metal