notice of award and disbursement of funds n.
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Notice of Award and Disbursement of Funds PowerPoint Presentation
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Notice of Award and Disbursement of Funds

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Notice of Award and Disbursement of Funds

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Notice of Award and Disbursement of Funds

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  1. Notice of Awardand Disbursement of Funds Mario Martinez, M.P.H. Grants Management Specialist Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

  2. Overview • Notice of Award (NoA) • Components • Acceptance • Delays • Disbursement of funds‎

  3. What Is the Notice of Award (NoA)? • Notifies the grantee that an award has been issued and/or notifies grantee of award modifications • Issued for each budget period of the project • Sent to Business Office via email • Available in the eRA Commons:‎

  4. What Is the Notice of Award (NoA)? (cont.) Legally binding document that identifies: • Grant Number • PI and Grantee Institution • Project Title • Period of Support • Funding Detail • Federal Policy (Rules and Regulations) • Terms and Conditions • Helpful Websites • NIH Contact Information

  5. Components of the NoA • Cover Page • Section I—Award Data • Section II—Payment/Hotline Information • Section III—Terms and Conditions • Section IV—IC-Specific Terms and Conditions • Section V—Contacts and Itemized Budget, Including F&A Rate

  6. Cover Page

  7. Sample NOA

  8. Sample NOA (cont.)

  9. Sample NOA (cont.)

  10. Grantee Acceptance The grantee indicates acceptance of the NoA and its associated terms and conditions by drawing down funds from the grant.

  11. What May Cause Delays? • Lack of or slow response to inquiries • Late submission of required documentation • Incomplete/inaccurate documentation submission • Inadequate justifications • Missing assurances

  12. Payments • Funds are requested electronically through the payment management system (PMS): • Delivered via electronic funds transfer (EFT). • Payment can be requested as often as needed, but must accommodate only immediate needs.

  13. Payments (cont.) • Foreign grantees must register in PMS by submitting the required forms to PMS after an award is issued. • Required forms: 1) Division of Payment Management (DPM) PMS System Access Form for each PMS user 2) Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (SF-1199A) • Forms are required for each organization if it does not have a PMS account for HHS awards or if the organization has a PMS account, but there is a change in the banking information.

  14. Payments (cont.) • Currency exchange rates in preparation of financial reporting of expenditure data for awards: When preparing the Federal Financial Report (FFR) expenditure data, grantees must use the currency rate in effect at the time the funds are drawn down from PMS.

  15. Payments (cont.) • Foreign grantees are strongly encouraged to use U.S. banks or banks with U.S. branches (ensures that payments arrive on time). • The requirement for grantees to maintain grant funds in an interest bearing account is unchanged. See NIH Grants Policy Statement Section 6.3: Interest Earned on Advances of Grant Funds. • Interest earned in excess of $250 per year in the aggregate on advances of federal funds must be returned in U.S. dollars by reimbursement check.