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Encyclopedia Brown cracks the case

Encyclopedia Brown cracks the case. by: Donald J. Sobol. A little bit about encyclopedia .

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Encyclopedia Brown cracks the case

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  1. Encyclopedia Brown cracks the case by: Donald J. Sobol

  2. A little bit about encyclopedia Encyclopedia is only in firth grade and he is solve some of the hardest cases in the world. Encyclopedia’s real name is Leroy but all of his friends call he Encyclopedia. He is a very nice kid and very intelligent. He is so successful because he never gives up. Everybody likes him because he never gets mad at them and he is so nice.

  3. Number of pages is 80

  4. PLOT This book is about a little boy who helps his dad solve crimes. His dad is the chief of police and everybody thinks his dad is the worlds best police officer, but it is really his son that solves all the crimes. Encyclopedia is in fifth grade and is the smartest one in the class. He is a very nice kid and everybody likes him. Everybody calls Leroy encyclopedia because he has read the most books in his town

  5. problem The problem in the book is that a jewel thief has robed a jewelry store. The police can not find out were the jewel thief has hidden the jewels. It is also a problem because the jewel thief does not remember where he hid the jewels. All he said was he was going to give the jewels to his mother. All they found is some letters that were addressed to his mother.

  6. Solution The letters the police men found kind of gave away were the jewels are. At dinner Encyclopedia was asking some questions to see if he could solve the case. Then Encyclopedia’s dad took some letters out of his back pocket and put them on the table. Then everybody said ewe what smells. Then encyclopedia said I think it is onion juice. He opened the letters and said it is empty and then he said onion juice can be used as invisible ink. there is something that can make it appear read the book to find out

  7. setting this book takes place in idiville, a small town. In idiville nobody has got away with steeling something kid or adult. It also takes place in encyclopedia’s house in his kitchen. The exact address is 13 Rover avenue. In idiville there are so many police because they want to keep their record and not let anybody get away.

  8. characters • Leroy “encyclopedia” • Mr. Brown • Mrs. Brown

  9. Rating • I rate this book wwww

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