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Concept Level Project Plan P0860X (1-5) Eula Dozier’s “Tile Measurer” PowerPoint Presentation
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Concept Level Project Plan P0860X (1-5) Eula Dozier’s “Tile Measurer”

Concept Level Project Plan P0860X (1-5) Eula Dozier’s “Tile Measurer”

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Concept Level Project Plan P0860X (1-5) Eula Dozier’s “Tile Measurer”

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  1. Concept Level Project PlanP0860X (1-5)Eula Dozier’s “Tile Measurer” Paul Gaylo (ME) Ryan Hellems (ME) Cortney Ross (ME) Jeremy Schiele (ME) Reid Williamson (ME)

  2. Original Prototype Background Description This product is a device that can mark and/or cut tiles for cutting that are to be laid against a wall. It enables many tiles to be marked at once, and marks them according to the exact contour of the wall. Currently it is only for linoleum tile, but expansion to ceramic time is expected. Key Business Goals The primary business goals of this prototype are to -enable contractors and users of the device to mark tile more efficiently, cutting down on the time needed to finish a job. -increase the profitability of a tiling job to the company that its contracted to. -become a source of revenue for the prototype’s inventor: Eula Dozier. -make it easier for the average person to get clean and correct cuts the first time, every time. Primary Market This prototype’s primary market is composed of professional contractors who lay large quantities of tile on a regular basis. Secondary Market P08601, P08603: The secondary customer base contains all other types of people who could be laying tile- this includes the “do-it-yourselfers,” smaller scale contractors, and remodelers. P08602, P08604, P08605: Hardware rentals, professional tilers

  3. How the Prototype Functions

  4. Common Tile Types Vinyl Composition (VCT) Ceramic Luxury Vinyl Laminate Glazed Porcelain Natural Stone

  5. Interviews Primary Customers Eula Dozier (inventor) Inspired to develop prototype after observing a tile layer as a general contractor with no tiling experience. This 2nd generation prototype is patent pending and functions to mark linoleum tiles accurately to a wall profile. Patent info, CAD files, prototype, and testing fixture are in RIT hands and accessible to all tile project teams. Flooring Businesses Tile Shop – Tile Showroom (Jefferson Rd.) Toured extensive showroom of ceramic tiles and natural stone. No VCT products. Business specializes in DIY customer and provides clinics. Introduced to preparation requirements and limited array of tools available. Received list of recommended contractors. Sail-On Carpets – Residential Flooring (Rt. 15) Met with Joe Rizzo and Brian. Introduced to wide variety of flooring choices and installation procedures. Majority of business is residential. Passed on to Jim Pavone @ Premier. Coordinating interview. United Carpet Brokers – Commercial Flooring (Winton Plazza) Met with Kevin Nasser to discuss innovation opportunities. Introduced to carpet tiles and parallel installation procedure. Business is 90% commercial. Opportunity to interview installation crew. Other Stakeholders Private Home Contractor Provided insight on the needs of home installation by a professional. Expressed interest in a “light” version that was cheap, quick and easy. Private Home Contractor Expressed a willingness to try a machine that would speed up the marking process. Cost shouldn’t be more than $30.00. Expressed a significant interest in the usefulness. Must be adjustable for designer tile variations. For sale at home centers?

  6. Manufacturing Needs Benchmarking • In the process of making 5 examples of Eula’s original prototype

  7. Concept Level Plan Feedback • How to the needs of professionals and D.I.Y’s differ? • f(robustness, value, price accessibility) • Is there an application to wood flooring? • Need to observe installation procedure • Adaptability to other flooring is possible • What was the prototype cost? • $200 to build five • Why no electrical engineers? • Prototype is purely mechanical • Why Constrain to only marking and not cutting? • How are projects related?

  8. Project Breakdowns • P08601 (Paul) – Improve Eula’s original design; make product ready for manufacturing; documentation/manual; business plan; life cycle • P08603 (Jeremy) – Improve Eula’s original design; not necessarily manufacturing ready; “perfection” of design for future market; conceptual design (mold?); ergonomics • P08604 (Cortney) – Tile measurer with data storage and data retrieval • P08602 (Ryan) – Tile cutter and data uploader • P08605 (Reid) – Electro-mechanical measuring and cutting device

  9. Concept Level Project Plan – P08601/3 • Project Name • Dozier Tile Layout Tool • Project Number • P08601, P08603 • Project Family • Construction Industry Technology • Track • Entrepreneurship and Business Development Track • Start Term • 2007-2 • End Term • 2007-3 • Faculty Guide • John Wellin (ME) pending • Faculty Consultant • Timothy Landschoot (ME) confirmed • Faculty Consultant • Dr. Mark Kempski (ME) confirmed • Primary Customer • Mr. Eula Dozier, Original Inventor - confirmed

  10. P08601Commercial Venture Project Goals • Create a commercialized version of Mr. Dozier’s prototype • Re-design and improve as necessary to create polished consumer product by the end of SD-2. • Design and build all necessary jigs and fixtures for manufacture and assembly • Mark ceramic and linoleum floor tiles • Engage in a production run or be ready to do so • Create user documentation (manual) • Construct a business plan

  11. Staffing Requirements – P086015 member team Mechanical Engineers (3) ME1 -Potentially the project leader. This member of the team will be responsible for the management of the project and assist in an ADHOC fashion with other aspects of the project ME2 - This person will focus on the development side of this project. They will specialize in the drafting needs and any mechanical redesign of the prototype. ME3 - This person will be primarily responsible for the production side. They will be in charge of any CNC programming and work holding design. In the early stages of this project, they will assist ME2 with redesign considerations. Industrial and Systems Engineers (1) ISE - This person will have two primary roles. Firstly, the parts chain and secondly the user documentation/ product manual(s). This person should be skilled in technical writing and will have a significant role in the redesign of the prototype for assembly and manufacture. Business (1) Bus - This person will specialize in the business plan and market research. Information gained from this research is expected to affect the final design. This person will develop a detailed business plan to market this product upon the completion of the first production run.

  12. Preliminary Work Breakdown Plan – P08601

  13. Group Grading Scheme – P08601

  14. Potential Issues and Risks - P08601 • Acceptance in the market place • Overall Cost – Ultimate cost to the consumer • Reaching the project goal of a production ready prototype by the end of SD-2 • Assembly and Production Constraints • Where is the money going to come from?

  15. P08603Stylized Tile Measuring Tool Project Goals • Use the same principles of functionality as Eula Dozier’s prototype, with the aide of industrial designers, design a tile marking tool that is appealing but tough enough for commercial usage • The tool should have flawless function in marking multiple types of tiles • The design should keep the ability to be transferred to a medium-high production line after senior design.

  16. Staffing Requirements – P08603 Mechanical Engineers (3) ME1: Project Manager responsible for planning and execution of project and required deliverables for senior design. Other responsibilities include assuring proper design for manufacture and the manufacturing techniques chosen to the end product. ME2: Engineer will be responsible for mechanical design work pertaining to functionality of product and assisting in materials selection. Should be familiar with CAD software and proper design considerations for large scale manufacturing. If group size requires it, they will be the Engineering Lead for the group. ME3: Will be responsible for functionality of mechanical systems that allow the tile measurer to function properly, will also be responsible for keeping EDGE website up to date, and any major changes to website. They should class background or work experience in machine design and be familiar with CAD software. Industrial and Systems Engineers (1) ISE: Engineer will be in charge of meshing work between industrial designer and mechanical design engineers, production and execution of customer perception testing protocols/reports, and aide in hypothesized production flow. Industrial Engineer is also eligible for position as Project Manager. Industrial Designers (1) ID: Design of exterior shell of tile marking product focusing on aesthetic appeal and manufacturability, while keeping functional requirements under consideration. Will provide the mechanical engineers an envelope do design within. Should be knowledgeable about ergonomics and plastic product design and materials selection (desired but not required). NOTE: For all positions, a knowledge or interest in tiling/home finishing is a plus, but not required.

  17. Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure – P08603

  18. Group Grading Scheme – P08603

  19. Potential Issues and Risks – P08603 • Maintaining fluent channels of communication between other tile teams. • Maintaining differentiation between the 2 projects spun off of Eula’s original prototype.

  20. P08601 vs. P08603 1-100 units >5,000 units Design for Manufacturing Business Plan Production Ready Attention to Industrial Design Jigs and Fixtures Product Testing Customer Appeal Testing Part Supply Chain Ergonomics Multi-sized Tile Tile-On-Point User Manual End Product Optimized Functional Prototype Production Ready, Run of 5-100

  21. Concept Level Project Plan - P08602/4 • Project Name • Automated Tile Measurer and Cutter • Project Number • P08602, P08604 • Project Family • Construction Industry Technology • Track • Entrepreneurship and Business Development Track • Start Term • 2007-2 • End Term • 2007-3 • Faculty Guide • Mr. Tim Landschoot (confirmed) • Faculty Consultant • Dr. Kempski, ME (confirmed) • Faculty Consultant • CSE or EE professor, unconfirmed • Primary Customer • Mr. Eula Dozier, Original Inventor - confirmed

  22. P08604Automated Tile Measuring Device Project Goals • A device that will go along the edge of the tile and measure the distance it is from the wall • Log and store that data • Send that data to an automated tile cutting device (P08602) +

  23. Staffing Requirements – P08604 Mechanical Engineers (3) ME1 (Leader): The project leader will make sure that the rest of the members are doing their work efficiently and effectively. ME2: The first mechanical engineering student will mainly be working on the design of the product. They will also be working with a solid modeling program (Pro-E, SolidWorks, etc.). After design is done, they will help with the assembly of the prototype during SDII. ME3: The second mechanical engineering student will be assisting with the design of the product. Their main function will be machining the parts for that design. After design is done, they will help with the assembly of the prototype during SDII. Industrial Designers (1) ID: The Industrial Design student would be needed to make the device look aesthetically pleasing. They will need to be able to work with the mechanical engineers that are working on the design to help make the device compact and ergonomic. Electrical Engineers (1) EE: The Electrical Engineer will need to be able to come up with a battery power supply to run the device that will measure the distance the device is from the wall, and to run the device that will log, store and send the data to the cutter. Industrial and Systems Engineers (1) ISE: The Industrial and Systems Engineering student will be needed on either this project or P08602 to integrate the two systems together. They will need to be able to make sure that the tile cutter communicates correctly with the measurer. Computer Engineers (1) CE: The computer engineering student will be working with the data logging, storing and retrieval for the design. They will need to be able to write, read and understand some coding program. They will need to able to manipulate that code to retrieve data from the measuring device and send it to the cutting device (P08602).

  24. Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure - P08604

  25. Group Grading Scheme - P08604

  26. Issues and Risks – P08604 • Must have great amount of integration with P08602 • Has some wireless system on a small device • Wireless/electrical system(s) should be contained and/or kept safe from users, but still be easily accessible • Shouldn’t be too expensive • Must be fairly accurate

  27. P08602Automated Tile Cutter (P08604) Device Does cuts Vinyl Tiles to fit provided wall profile, without user input. Device cuts accurately and quickly.

  28. Staffing Requirements – P08602 Mechanical Engineers (4) ME1: Team Leader. Plans teams progress, work scope, and focus of efforts. Ensures that design gives proper consideration to 2nd generation (ceramic). Assists ME3 with tile securing efforts. ME2: Design and develop positioning system for cutter using linear actuators. ME3: Design and develop system to hold tiles securely in place for cutting, without interfering with the cutter. ME4: Create designs for frame to tie in 2&4’s systems, with respect for 2nd generation. Assist ME2 with designing. Electrical Engineers (1) EE: Design and implement power supply from wall to control box, to cutter/router and linear actuators. Return feedback signals from Actuators back to control box to monitor locations. Industrial and Systems Engineers (1) ISE: Make sure all systems come together, help design device to be more easily manufactured, help control visual appeal to some extent. Computer Engineers (1) CE: Share CE’s w/ 604 to ensure highly usable data is collected, which would create best cuts based on data. Develop an easy to use interface to control cutting or re-cutting of every tile. Use actuators feedback to record where cutter really is and how to control that.

  29. Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure - P08602

  30. Group Grading Scheme - P08602

  31. Potential Issues and Risks – P08602 • Design Issues: • How to take measurements that will be usable • Tiles other then 12” square. • What to do about tile-on-point • Unknown solution for supporting flexible tile without cutting under • Unknown Factors: • Budget: RotoZip/router (150 or 40), Linear actuators (150+, each), Support frame ($200-300). Who pays? • Materials for control system/computer box are unknown. • Seamless integration with programming between projects • Material selection based on design choices, no pre-ordering. Can only pre-order extra tiles.

  32. Concept Level Project Plan - P08605 • Project Name • Dozier Tile Layout Tool • Project Number • P08605 • Project Family • Construction Industry Technology • Track • Entrepreneurship and Business Development Track • Start Term • 2007-2 • End Term • 2007-3 • Faculty Guide • T.B.D. • Faculty Consultant • Timothy Landschoot (ME) confirmed • Faculty Consultant • Dr. Hoople (EE) confirmed • Primary Customer • Mr. Eula Dozier, Original Inventor

  33. P08605Dual-Function Tile Perimeter Layout Tool • On-the-spot cutting of tiles for perimeter voids • Reduce secondary tile layout time • Cut tiles utilizing real-time data • Couple measuring function with cutting function that was previously performed by hand • Implement design of electrical components • Design product to function with VCT


  35. Staffing Requirements & ResponsibilitiesP08605 Mechanical Engineers 3-4 Design & execution of structure, measuring device, motors, functionality, data acquisition, and additional mechanical components. Electrical Engineers 3-4 Design & execution of sensors, power sources, data acquisition, data processing, and additional electrical components. Computer Engineers 0-2 Definite opportunity to be involved with an electro-mechanical product. Uncertain of priority and possible role. Industrial and Systems Engineers 0 Process integration and efficiency, ergonomic concern, and management of systems are limited and tasks will be spread among team.

  36. Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure P08605

  37. Grading Scheme – P08605

  38. Potential Risks and Issues – P08605 • Unknown budgetary restriction • Multiple components necessary to achieve combined function results • Maturity of technology in measuring and cutting components are unknown • Potentially grand electrical systems • Operating speed of product and electronic lag • Utilization of mechanical engineers beyond rugged case design • Challenged to find acceptance of technology

  39. Resource Requirements – P08601-5 People -Eula Dozier (inventor) -SD Team (4-8 members) -Faculty Advisor & Guide (consultants) -Tile Contractors (industry contacts) Environment -SD cubby -Open floor testing space -Construction site (onsite testing) Equipment -Machine shop -Computers with design software -Rapid prototyping equipment -Mr. Dozier’s prototype -Mr. Dozier’s testing fixture -Challenging wall profile testing fixture Materials -Variety of tiles -Tile laying materials -Standard machining materials -Vendor components

  40. Outstanding Items – P08601-5 • Patent Considerations (Eula Dozier holds patent for original prototype) • Final Product Ownership • Budget • Finish prototypes for each group