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Presented by Sharipul Islam ID: 09101101134 20 th Intake Sec: 4

Presented by Sharipul Islam ID: 09101101134 20 th Intake Sec: 4. Welcome to my Presentation. My presentation topic is:. Sundarban courier service management system. Company Information.

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Presented by Sharipul Islam ID: 09101101134 20 th Intake Sec: 4

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  1. Presented by Sharipul Islam ID: 09101101134 20th Intake Sec: 4 Welcome to my Presentation

  2. My presentation topic is: Sundarban courier service management system

  3. Company Information Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. the First and fastest courier is Pioneer in the field of courier service in the Private sector in this part of the soil of Bangladesh, since 1983. It is mentioned that Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. had started its Journey in the Private sector when Biman Bangladesh closed their Air Express Service in the country.

  4. Mission and Vision • Our goal is to expand Trade and Commerce within the country Linking communications support, Extending fastest service in time of urgent needs and creating employment opportunities for unemployed youths which will help in the social and economic development of the country.

  5. Table from Booked customer Information Shows this table from customer number, Receiver name, receiver phone number, sender name, sender address, sender phone number, delivery branch name. the primary key in this table is Customer number.

  6. Table Booked Parcel Information This table I enter the customer Number. CN number, parcel information, parcel quality, parcel weight and condition. I give an primary key customer in customer number and cn number.

  7. Table Payments • This table I enter the CN number, Booking charge, to pay, VAT, service charge and total charge. Primary key is CN number.

  8. Relationship table I relate to customer number in Booked customer information to customer number in Booked parcel information and CN number in Booked parcel information to CN number in payments table.

  9. Final report on Sundarban Courier management system This report shows the customer number, receiver name, receiver phone number, sender name, sender address, and sender phone number.

  10. Findings • Sundarban Courier management system is good but some improvements are to be needed. • First time SCS collect student information manually. • Courier like SCS ltd has a large number of customers which is not applicable for MS Access it has limited number of data can be inputted. • A system has to be developed to contain all kinds of information needed to proper management of courier.

  11. Recommendation • Sundarban Courier have almos 2000 customers depending on it. To maintain the system more effectively and easily. • SCR ltd can develop its process online. It will help the customer much faster and much more flexible and also less time consumption to complete the process. • In this system every customer can confirm his/her parcel has delivered or rejected and how many quantity has the form being filled with and what they are.

  12. Conclusion • In Bangladesh SCS ltd. is one of the leading private Courier and approximately 10000 parcel are send each day. The huge process maintains to need clear database in every customer and booking system management officer should have enough knowledge in database management. Proper information management system and employee efficiency have crate the organization success. To create employee efficiency each employee gives a proper training. In courier management system it is so complicated to reserve customer information so database management is very important.

  13. THE END Thanks for your attention

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