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Parallels Service Provider Partnership Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Parallels Service Provider Partnership Program

Parallels Service Provider Partnership Program

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Parallels Service Provider Partnership Program

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  1. Parallels Service Provider Partnership Program Mike Riolo Vice President of Sales, Service Provider Division Nils Hueneke Sales Director, Hosting, Europe

  2. Agenda • Parallels Partner Programs • Service Provider Partner Program Details • Service Provider Alliance Program • Our Partner Network • Additional Benefits of a Partnership • Partner Game – SO DON’T LEAVE EARLY! Parallels Summit 2008

  3. Parallels Partner Network • Technology Partners • ISV, Hardware or OEM companies who offer software or hardware solutions that complement or utilize Parallels virtualization or automation solutions. • Offer’s choices to end customers on deployment of Partner’s solution • Channel Partners • Resellers who focus on selling software and/or hardware services. Offer complete solutions to customers by including Parallels virtualization products. • Service Providers • Offering hosting, managed services, SaaS, and communication offerings to their customers based on a subscription or lease model. Use Parallels Ecosystem of virtualization and automation products as service delivery platform. Parallels Summit 2008

  4. Parallels Service Provider Partner Network 650 Partners in over 40 countries Parallels Summit 2008

  5. Parallels Focus Focused Product Lines to help Partner’s grow! • Virtualization • Parallels Desktop & Workstation • Parallels Server • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers • Automation • Parallels Plesk Control Panel • Parallels Business Automation • Parallels Operation Automation • Service Provider Specific • Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder • Parallels Confixx/Sphera/ Parallels Pro/H-sphere/Helm • 3rd Party Products Parallels Summit 2008

  6. Service Provider Partner Program • Program is managed with ALL Service Providers in mind. • Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum Partner Levels • Your Level is dependent on Financial commitment • Easily Upgrade your Partner Level when your Parallels revenues grow • Technical Support included • The number of incidents included dependent on Partner Level • Real time license Management in Key Administrator • Multiple Marketing programs/processes/initiatives • Dedicated Account Manager Parallels Summit 2008

  7. Service Provider Partner Program Parallels Summit 2008 7

  8. Service Provider Partner Program Parallels Summit 2008 8

  9. Service Provider Partner Program Parallels Summit 2008 9

  10. Service Provider Licensing for Partners • Pay as you grow model • Our Pricing matches your service delivery model • Flexible to address all your offerings • Built for Up sell • Plesk • 10, 100 and Unlimited domains available • Up sell add-ons – Power Pack, Dr. Web, Game Server • Virtuozzo • Many incremental levels allowing best ROI for you • Easily upgrade licenses when needed • Business Automation • Account based model Parallels Summit 2008

  11. Service Opportunities to Exploit together • Virtualized Hosting Services • Hosted Virtual Desktops • Virtual Appliances and Modules • VPS • Virtuozzo Powered Dedicated Servers • SaaS • Control Panels with Add-ons for Up Sell • Single server Reseller Offerings • Microsoft Advanced Hosting • Exchange, SharePoint, CRM, SQL, etc… • White Label Reselling We want to go-to market with you! Parallels Summit 2008

  12. Service Provider Alliance Program • Strategic Relationship to generate more success for everyone • Dedicated Business Development Sessions • Main Commitment of Partner is time and trust in our relationship • Results from initial engagements will mean more tools and strategies for all Partners Parallels Summit 2008

  13. Service Provider Alliance Program How does the Program work? The alliance team will work with you on all non-operational activities. Operational activities count as pre-sales, sales management, post-sales and support Parallels Summit 2008

  14. Our Partner Network Increase Parallels Partnership value to your company • Are you interested in entering new markets? • We could provide feedback and introduce you to interesting local players • Are you interested in launching new services? • We can introduce you to our worldwide network of ISV Partners. • You have a new business idea and want to launch it together with Parallels? • Let us know – we have the technologies and expertise to help. • Our Products can help fill gaps in your offerings! • More Products then ever – talk to your Account Manager! Parallels Summit 2008

  15. Benefits of a Partnership • Business Expertise: • We can help you fill the Gaps in your offerings • We can help you standardize your business offerings: • - PVC OS and Application templates • - APSstandard • - Parallels Automation • We can help you set up your Parallels based services for maximum ROI and market penetration • Software as a Service with Parallels • Opportunity to Grow revenue and grow new service portfolio • Enables Up sell to customer base • Can significantly cut costs to implement SaaS; Rapid TTM • Differentiate from Marketing GIANTS! • Get our Business Development Team working for YOU! Parallels Summit 2008

  16. Benefits of Parallels Partnership with • Marketing Expertise: • PR Opportunities • White Label Marketing Material • ROI Tools • Datasheets • Case studies • Reference Collateral • Joint Events • Joint Promotions • Joint Advertisements • Logos and Artwork • Launch Activities • Strategic Partner Alliance Program – focused on Go-to market Parallels Summit 2008

  17. Benefits of Parallels Partnership • Technical Expertise: • Early invitations to Beta Programs • Advanced notification of product roadmaps • Access to expert Sales Engineers • Assistance in optimizing servers for your specific Parallels offerings • Access to the largest support organization in the hosting software industry. • Extensive Knowledge Base • Deployment Assistance • Parallels Summit – Onsite Labs • Access to Developers – we work for you! • Integration, customization, migration and new feature implementation Parallels Summit 2008

  18. Benefits of Parallels Partnership • Knowledge Transfer: • We can train your sales people to better position Parallels products with your specific offerings which leads to a higher return on your Partnership. • We can train your support people to provide better service to your customers. • We have been through funding, we have done acquisitions – we know how to grow. • - We can help you buy or sell a hosting business • - We can help you build a sales team • Make sure you join us at 2:15 tomorrow for a 30 minute presentation from Peter Bauert on how to grow beyond $5 million in revenue. Parallels Summit 2008

  19. Summary • We want to do more with you • We can help you grow your business • We can help you have complete offerings • We can help you Automate your business • Leads to higher Revenues and Profitability • Launch new services easily • We want your feedback • We want your Support and Acknowledgement Parallels Summit 2008

  20. Partner Game • Do you offer Plesk? Stay standing • Do you offer Virtuozzo based solutions? Stay standing • Do you use Parallels Automation products? Stay standing • Are you registered with Parallels Technology Network? • Are you in the Parallels Partner listings? • If I go to your website right now – would I know you are a Parallels Partner? • Do you offer up-sell process for Plesk and Plesk add-ons? • Is Plesk preferred control panel for your offerings? • Have you used Parallels logos in your marketing in 2008? Parallels Summit 2008