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Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull

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Sitting Bull

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  1. Sitting Bull By

  2. Childhood • Sitting Bull was born sometime in March 1830. • Sitting Bull was born near the Grand River which is now South Dakota. • When Sitting Bull was a kid he was called Slow because of his slow, serious nature. • Sitting Bull or Slow was ten since when he got his first pony. He was an expert horse rider. • In 1857 Sitting Bull’s dad died in battle.

  3. Why this person is famous • Sitting Bull is famous for keeping the peace between the U.S Army and only fighting when attacked first. • Sitting Bull was a great and strong leader. He was the leader of all the plains Sioux Indians. • Sitting Bull refused to sell the Sioux people’s land. Since he wouldn’t, Custer and 230 men attacked the northern part of the valley.

  4. Adult Life • When Sitting Bull was 18 he became the leader of the Strong Hearts. • At the age of thirty-five Sitting Bull became chief. • He also fought in the battle at Rosebud River. There were many rounds with the union army. • While the battle of Little Big Horn was going on Sitting Bull was a distance away chanting prayers.

  5. Interesting Facts • Sitting Bull was the leader of all the Sioux tribes. • In 1870 seven million buffalo were in the plains. Fifteen years later only a couple hundred were left. • The Indians used every part of the buffalo, even the heart. • Sitting Bull and his people thought the Black Hills were special, because of their ancestor’s souls.

  6. Character Traits • Brave • He’s brave because he led tons of attacks against the white settlers. • Eager • Sitting Bull is eager because he wanted to be part of the Strong Hearts, who ruled over other Indians.

  7. Biography Time Line Sitting Bull March 1831 June 1867 1886 December 1875 June 25, 1876 December 15, 1890 Sitting Bull was born A peace treaty was signed in Fort Laramie. The government told or ordered Sitting Bull and his tribe to go to the Standing Rocks Reservation. The union army led by Colonel Custer came to move the Indians, and got into the battle of Little Big Horn. Buffalo Bill Cody invited Sitting Bull to come to his Wild West Show. Sitting Bull died at the age of sixty.