evaluations a dministrative classified employees n.
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Evaluations: A dministrative & Classified Employees PowerPoint Presentation
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Evaluations: A dministrative & Classified Employees

Evaluations: A dministrative & Classified Employees

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Evaluations: A dministrative & Classified Employees

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  1. Evaluations:Administrative & Classified Employees West Valley-Mission CCD Human Resources Department

  2. Evaluations for Administrative & Classified Employees • Objectives: • Purpose of Evaluations • Definitions • Evaluation Documents • Evaluation Cycles • Contents of the Evaluation • Immediate Supervisor Responsibility • Human Resources • Contact Information • Questions

  3. Purpose of Evaluations • To measure performance in an objective, unbiased manner; develop individual plans for improvement based on agreed-upon goals, strengths and weaknesses; evaluate growth and future career plans; encourage continuing participation in professional development and identify growth opportunities; and provide the opportunities for formal feedback. • Evaluations should encourage excellence by providing a written assessment of work performance and should communicate performance standards to the position and encourage growth and improvement. • Evaluations should reflect a constructive attempt to assess strengths and weaknesses, and to suggest ways in which skills, relationships, and professional knowledge can be enhanced. • Evaluations should reflect whether or not achievement of set goals/objectives have been met and should also include the agreed-upon goals/objectives for the next evaluation period.

  4. Definitions per Board Policy: • Educational Administrators(BP 7250) • “Educational administrators are those who exercise direct responsibility for supervising the operation of or formulating policy regarding the instructional or student services programs of the District.” - Reference Education Code Sections 72411 et seq., 87002(b), and 87457-87460; Government Code Section 3540.1(g) and (m) • Classified Administrators(BP 7260) • “Classified administrators also have significant responsibility for formulating District policies or administering District programs other than the educational programs of the District.” - Reference Education Code Section 72411; Government Code Section 3540.1(g) and (m)

  5. Definitions per Board Policy (cont’d): • Classified Employees(BP 7230) • “Classified employees are those who are employed in positions that are not academic positions. The employees and positions shall be known as the classified service.” - Reference Education Code Sections 88003, 88004, 88009, and 88013 • Confidential Employees(BP 7240) • “Confidential employees are those who are required to develop or represent management positions with respect to employer-employee relations or whose duties normally require access to confidential information that is used to contribute significantly to the development of management positions. The fact that an employee has access to confidential or sensitive information shall not in and of itself make the employee a confidential employee.”- Reference Government Code Section 3540.1(c)

  6. Classified Employee Groups include: • Supervisors (Teamsters Local 856) • Confidential Unit Employees • District Peace Officers (Peace Officers Association) • Classified Employees (West Valley-Mission Classified Employees Association) • Office, Technical & Business Services Unit – White Collar • Operations & Support Services Unit – Blue Collar

  7. Evaluation Documents • Administrative Evaluation Forms • Located at > District Services > Human Resources > Forms > Administrative • Administrative Performance Review • Administrative Performance Review Survey

  8. Evaluation Documents (cont’d) • All Other Evaluation Forms • Located at > District Services > Human Resources > Forms > Classified • Classified Employee Performance Evaluation • Confidential Employee Performance Evaluation • Police Officer Evaluation • Supervisor’s Evaluation

  9. Evaluation Cycles

  10. Contents of the Evaluation • Immediate supervisors should review the respective collective bargaining agreement or unit handbook prior to completing the evaluation, to be sure the intended comments/examples are in compliance with contract language. • Immediate supervisors should communicate with employees throughout the evaluation period so as to keep the lines of communication open as well as to provide the employee with ongoing feedback regarding performance of essential duties. • The evaluation content should accurately assess the employee’s performance of essential duties – positive and negative, during the evaluation period.

  11. Contents of the Evaluation (cont’d) • Inclusion of negative performance issues in the evaluation, must be in compliance with the collective bargaining agreement language. • Overall “Needs to Improve” evaluations MUST include an improvement plan and time period for the employee to improve. • Include expectations and/or objectives for the employee to meet in order to improve

  12. Immediate Supervisor Responsibility • The immediate supervisor is responsible for ensuring and/or completing performance appraisals/evaluations for assigned staff in accordance with collective bargaining agreements. • The immediate supervisor shall refer to the respective collective bargaining agreement to identify the time and frequency of evaluations for new and continuing employees. – AP 7150 • If the position of the immediate supervisor is currently vacant or the immediate supervisor is otherwise unable to complete the evaluation, the next level supervisor is responsible for the completion of the evaluation. • The immediate supervisor shall notify the employee of the evaluation review meeting and, if a member of a bargaining unit, the employee’s right to have a representative/steward at any step of the appraisal process.

  13. Immediate Supervisor Responsibility (cont’d) • If the employee chooses to have a representative, the immediate supervisor should also have a representative present. • Following the evaluation review meeting, the immediate supervisor should obtain the employee’s signature. The employee is signing as evidence of his/her knowledge of its contents, not necessarily agreement. • If the employee refuses to sign the evaluation, the immediate supervisor should include a memo explaining why the signature was not obtained. • Before submitting to Human Resources, the next level supervisor also needs to sign the evaluation, confirming knowledge that the evaluation was completed by the immediate supervisor. A copy of the fully signed document should also be provided to the employee for his/her records.

  14. Human Resources • Human Resources is responsible for coordinating and administering the evaluation process. • Human Resources has developed a process, as a courtesy, to notify supervisors of evaluation due dates. • Initial hire: supervisors receive an email from HR with a copy of the appointment letter and job description attached, and the probationary period evaluation information – includes employee name, evaluation type, evaluation period, evaluation due date, and the link to the appropriate evaluation form online • Upcoming evaluations: supervisors receive a “notification” email which includes employee name, evaluation type, evaluation period, evaluation due date and the link to the appropriate evaluation form online.

  15. Human Resources • Once submitted, Human Resources will review the evaluation for: • Correct evaluation period • Appropriate supervisor • Content in compliance with collective bargaining agreements/unit handbooks • Inclusion of improvement plan (if applicable) • All signatures obtained, including next level supervisor • Human Resources will hold the evaluation for 10 working days prior to filing in the employee’s personnel file. • Allows employee to provide a response to the evaluation, to be included in the file.

  16. Who to Contact Rose Schultz Human Resources Specialist 408.741.2161 Gloria Gutierrez Human Resources Specialist 408.741.2171 For Classified Employees For Administrative Employees

  17. Questions ?