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Beta beams: Ion production status report

Beta beams: Ion production status report T.M. Mendonça 1 , R. Hodak 2 , M. Allibert 3 , V. Ghetta 3 , D. Heuer 3 , E. Noah 4 , T. Stora 1 1 CERN 2 Comenius University 3 LPSC Grenoble 4 DPN, Univ . Genève. 18 Ne production for the beta beams.

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Beta beams: Ion production status report

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  1. Beta beams: Ion production status report T.M. Mendonça1, R. Hodak2, M. Allibert3, V. Ghetta3, D. Heuer3, E. Noah4, T. Stora1 1 CERN 2 ComeniusUniversity 3 LPSC Grenoble 4 DPN, Univ. Genève

  2. 18Ne productionfor the beta beams A proposalinspiredfrom18F production for PET imaging NaF target loop (23Na(p, X)18Ne, 19F(p,2n)18Ne) 7.5x24x15cm 2.1 L/s T. Stora, P. Valko 6mA 160MeV NaF:ZrF4at600ºC orNaF:LiFat 700ºC Validationoftheconcept: -StaticmoltensaltunitatCERN/ISOLDE (IS509) -Moltensaltloop Transferline to ionsource 40x15x15cm

  3. Staticmoltensaltunit Productionof18Ne beamsbasedonthe ISOL technique Primarybeam Target andionsourceunit

  4. SinceLegnaro… • Some studiesperformed: • Thermalstabilityof NaF:ZrF4 (does ZrF4sublimateattemperaturesrelevant for operatingconditions?) • ThermalstabilityofNaF:LiF • Preparationofstatic target unit for online validation in June 2012 at ISOLDE

  5. Saltcomposition? ZrF4 LiF NaF • Check for: • Reactivitywithatmosphere • Thermalstabilityattemperaturesrelevant for operatingconditions • Corrosioneffects Highvapourpressurefor ZrF4

  6. NaF:ZrF4 vs. NaF:LiF Eutecticwithmeltingpointsat 649ºC 500ºC Source: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/j150564a008

  7. Synthesisandcharacterizationoffluoridesalts Mixtureof stoichiometric quantitiesofinitialfluorides Thermaltreatment in graphitecrucibleupto meltingpoint (undervacuum) All handling andmanipulation in gloveboxesundercontrolledargonatmosphere NaF:LiF NaF:ZrF4 Differentialscanningcalorimetry (DSC) (Collab. M.Taborelli ,TE-VSC-SCC) SEM/EDS analyses (Collab. S. Sgobba, EN-MME-MM)

  8. NaF:ZrF4:thermalstability offline tests #1: Fillingofstainlesssteelcontainerwithsalt in moltenstate Replica ofstatic target container in stainlesssteel • Temperaturemeasurementwithtwothermocouples: • - atthefunnel (contactwithsalt) • atthecenterofthe metal container (external)

  9. #2: Refusionofsaltunder normal operationconditions Thermocouples Pressurevariationduringfusion

  10. #3: Condensationefficiencyandmasslosses No residual salt in thechimneywalls Saltcondensed in thehelix (~4% oftheinitialmass)

  11. NaF:LiF:thermalstability offline tests • Chimneywithcondensationhelix • Graphitecontainerwithsalt • Metalliccontainer for heating • Temperaturemeasurementwithtwothermocouples: • - atthe top ofthechimney • atthecenterofthe metal container (external) • No masslossesatrelevanttemperatures for operatingconditions • Thermalstabilityconfirmed

  12. Future plans #1: Static target unitpreparation - Containerin fluorideresistantalloy (Haynes 242) (CernMain Workshop, EN-MME-MS) - Improvedgeometry (includingcondensationissues) #2: Online validationoftheNaF:LiFmoltensalt using a staticunitat ISOLDE (June 2012) Thankyou for theattention!

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