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PR Opportunities In the Web 2.0 Brave New World of Social Media

PR Opportunities In the Web 2.0 Brave New World of Social Media. Messages/ Website. Company. Reporters / Editors for Media Placement. Target Audience. PR 1.0. The Internet – Web 1.0. Networked Generation Driving a Radical Shift In Media Consumption.

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PR Opportunities In the Web 2.0 Brave New World of Social Media

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  1. PR Opportunities In the Web 2.0 Brave New World of Social Media

  2. Messages/ Website Company Reporters / Editors for Media Placement Target Audience PR 1.0

  3. The Internet – Web 1.0

  4. Networked Generation Driving a Radical Shift In Media Consumption • Sixteen to 24 year olds are spurning television, radio and newspapers in favor of online services • 70% use social networking sites Source: 2006 Ofcom Report

  5. Traditional Media Losing Market Share • Box Office: down by 7% this year (tickets per capita have fallen every year since 2001) • Newspapers: circulation, which peaked in 1987, is declining faster than ever and is down another 2.6% so far this year • Radio: down 4% this year alone, continuing a multi-decade decline • Magazines: Ad revenues are up a bit although the number of ad pages is flat (they're charging more per page). Circulation is also flat, while newsstand sales are at an all-time low

  6. TV: As channels proliferate and the audience fragments the rating of the average show continues to decline.

  7. What’s Next Online? Social networkers are increasingly turning away from traditional media and toward their peers for information and product recommendations.  This sea change provides marketers with a new and exciting opportunity to reach consumers by initiatives that weave best practices from social networks and online commerce. By welcoming consumer participation throughout the marketing process, companies can engage consumers at deeper level and achieve their sales and marketing goals.  Source: s-commerce: beyond MySpace and YouTube

  8. Web 2.0 Web 1.0  Web 2.0 domain name speculation search engine optimization DoubleClick Google AdSense Ofoto Flickr mp3.com Napster Britannica Online Wikipedia personal websites blogging publishing participation content management systems wikis directories (taxonomy) tagging ("folksonomy") stickiness syndication Source: O’Reilly

  9. Source: O’Reilly

  10. Markets are Conversations Consumer visits to social networking sites have increased 109 percent since 2004 “It’s stupid to just advertise on MySpace and assume you are a social marketer. You need to get your customers involved and associated with your brand.”Source: Beyond MySpace and YouTube

  11. Marketers having the most success are using a combination of • branded micro-sites • customer reviews • forums • peer-to-peer transactions • product blogs • user-generated content projects

  12. Graying of MySpace 46% of MySpace's US-based visitors are now 35 and older

  13. 1. ListenUse syndication technologies and processes to listen to the market and online conversations 4. InteractFacilitate and join onlineconversations, directlyinteract with your audiencesusing syndication principles 2. DeliverWin attention by crafting high-impact syndication content and delivering it using syndication tools The LDMIModel 3. MeasureMeasure your impact using online measurement tools and then optimize your activities The New PR Approach

  14. Participation and conversation are the key • Online News • Educational Articles • Syndication with RSS Feeds • Add comments and reviews • Blogs • Images • Podcasts • Videocasts

  15. Listen

  16. Reading News Online

  17. Blog Posts About Shielding Lotion last 6 months

  18. Internet end-users Publisher creates the RSS file and places it online Content consumers subscribe to the feed and retrieve its content whenever they want Other sites and systems Search engines and directories Content Syndication

  19. Add Social Media Elements

  20. Make It Easy to Subscribe

  21. Tagging

  22. Syndication Gets Your News Out Across the Web

  23. US Olympic Committee Due to lower TV viewership, they are looking to online social media for Beijing and Vancouver

  24. JuiceCaster Media Box

  25. Other Resources Sally’s Blog http://falkow.blogsite.com Internet Marketing News http://www.expansionplus.com/news/index.php Six Part Series: RSS Strategy, Search and Social Media http://www.press-feed.com/results/adoption/index.php Whitepapers, tutorials, case study http://www.press-feed.com/conference

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